Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 7th 2015 "If you aren't willing to do this, then how will I be able to trust you?"

Hello my most wonderful family!

Once again another great week has come and gone! And I have the great privilege to tell you all about it!

First of all today was so much fun!  We had a combined zone P-day at the mission home!  It was great spending time with all the missionaries from our zone and the Rochester west zone! It was so fun-- even president Francis was in his P-day clothes!  We played kick ball, ultimate Frisbee, spike ball, volleyball and ping pong!

Ok, so earlier this week we got to go in a pool!  Don't worry the pool was empty!
J  The other elders called us up and asked if we could help them out so we did. A member from the ward asked for some help from her neighbor Daudie who is 92 years old! This lady looks really good for her age!  It was great and super hot!!  In that pool we were just crawling in the sand with a board trying to make it as level as we could!  It was so hot and humid that day that we were just pouring in sweat!, Daudie kept telling us that we could take our shirts off if we wanted but for some reason we just thought that was kind of wrong as missionaries.  She probably thought we were crazy! Afterwards when we were all finished she was so grateful for the help and asked what she could do to repay us! So we invited her to come to our scripture study that night! And she came!!!!! It was so cool! During the scripture study we were able to just testify of the Book of Mormon and she had so many questions! It was great she told us she was too old to change religions but she said she was curious! So we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and she
said she wants to come to a service! It was such a miracle! The funny thing is the member told the other missionaries that she has tried several times to share the gospel with her but didn't get very far, but our service is what made the difference so she is willing to come and see! It was awesome!

I also had an interesting experience with following the spirit this week! So we were dropping by an investigator and as we were pulling in we saw this young woman walk into the home across the cul de sac, I didn't give her much thought so we went and knocked on our investigator’s home but she wasn't there. Well we had some plans to go and try by some other investigators so we just went back to the car and got ready to go, when I had this thought pop in to my head to go knock on the door of the young woman, I felt a bit awkward about it because she had seen us pull in and we were pulling out when I had this thought. So as I was driving down the streets that thought would not get out of my head but I was just stubborn about saying we were already pulling away and it would be weird to turn around and go back. As I thought this I had another thought and it said, "If you aren't willing to do this, then how will I be able to trust you?" That hit me pretty hard. I brought it up with Elder Labar and he was cool with it, so we turned around and headed back. We knocked on a couple doors in that area, and then we knocked on the door the Lord had sent us back for. This young woman and her mother answered!   We told them that we were there to share a message of the Book of Mormon, and they said sure go ahead! So right there we told them all about the Book of Mormon and gave the mother a copy. They are very religious and apparently they are going to go see the Pope in New York! But the
mother said she would read the Book of Mormon! It was just remarkable to me that the Lord ALWAYS knows best! And if He tells you to do something be sure to do it!!! It was a great humbling experience! But I am so grateful for it!

Saturday we got to take  Rada and her mother to the original Book of Mormon printing press and the Hill Cumorah! And it was really cool because Rada's mother only speaks Russian, and so as we went through the tour she would help translate for her mother! It was awesome! The spirit was really strong there and I know that Rada felt the spirit! It was amazing! I love those sacred sites!

The Lord is in charge and I am so grateful for His plan for each of us! I know as we follow His promptings He will lead us to where we need to be! I have been reading in third Nephi lately and I love how many times the Savior invited us to COME unto Him! I love that invitation!
It gives us that opportunity to come and follow Him!

I sure love you all!

Here is just a picture of my district! I know I have been bad on pics! But I will try and be better!