Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Bags are packed and I'm ready to Go!! Aug. 1st 2016

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Go Forth Bodly, Nobly and Indepedant July 25th 2016

Hello Everyone from good old Wellsville!

I am excited to tell you what has been happening here! We have been
seeing countless miracles and seeing a lot of progress! Elder Cummings
and I have been working as hard as we can in this great little branch,
and we are beginning to see much fruit from our labor. I know that
anything we have been able to accomplish is all due to the Lord. Without his help we couldn't do anything. Also thank you, we are feeling of your
prayers in our behalf.
First I want to talk about a lady from our branch named Sister Tears.
She is a member that hasn't come to church in almost twenty
years. The sister missionaries started to meet with her at the
beginning of this year again and when we first started meeting with
her, she was very adamant that she was going to read the bible all the
way through before she would even start to read from the Book of
Mormon. We and the Taylors, the senior couple, have been teaming up with
meeting with her and supporting her and now she has started to come to
church again! This last week when we went to visit with her, she asked
if we could do her a favor and read the chapters of the Book of Mormon
in preparation for our Book of Mormon Sunday school class! We were so
happy to do it! We read Alma 30 about Korahior and as we read you
could see her getting excited with it all!  The power of the Book of
Mormon has really grabbed hold, and it is amazing to see the changes
in her! We are going to the sites with her this week!
That was a good miracle, but what really describes how our week went
was what happened at church yesterday!
Elder Cummings and I had the great opportunity to speak in church! So
this whole week we have been inviting everyone to come! Then at
The Lipkas came!!!! They are the family we have been meeting with,
Brother Lipka is a member but hasn't been to church in ages, and his
wife and three boys all came! They looked so good, all three boys in
great plaid shirts! They really looked so good! They loved it!
Andrea came!!!! For the first time which was also amazing. She
finally made that step to come!
Eric also came! We saw him this past week and had a good lesson about
baptism and invited him to be baptized, and he accepted the challenge!
At church he came up to me and asked "I know last time we talked
about baptism, so what do I have to do to make that happen?" So we
told him! It was one of those moments that you kind of dream about.
Then there was the Lentz family that came! The Taylors have been
working with them and they are really beginning to love church!
We were basically running around to accommodate everyone! We had 9
investigators there! To add to it, there were 9 returning less
active members! My joy was so full! The branch just about doubled
yesterday! It was amazing. Elder Cummings and I were pretty nervous to
speak but it was cool once I got up to speak. I felt totally
comfortable. It really helps when you have the spirit!
I am so grateful for what blessings this gospel brings! It's
amazing to see the work go forward, and I know I will not always be
here for it. But this work will go forth Boldly, Nobly and Independent
until the great Jehovah shall say the work is done!

I can't wait to see you all!

Elder Todd Houghton