Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 18, 2014 -- First week in New York

Hello Family!

The Centennial play sounded amazing! We Houghtons are quite the actors/actresses/ and playwrights! Shelley sure is lucky to have you! Schools already started!!! Dad you’re going to have quite the job trying to keep the boys away!   

I have so much to tell ya, because so much has happened this past week! Here is a list of some of the new things I have been able to do since I have been here.
  • I woke up and  left the MTC at 2:30 A.M.
  • Took the plan to Denver a lot of people were looking at me it was kind of weird.  We were supposed to have a 2 hour layover but it turned into 4!
  • We got to New York and met our mission president! He is flipping amazing! He is such a great guy and he is like 6'8'' so I feel like a little child next to him.
  • We Got to go to most of the church sites! The Sacred Grove was by far my favorite! there is such a wonderful spirit there. It is remarkable that I get serve here where it all started!  
·       Met my Trainer Elder Walker he is a great elder.

·     We were sent to Amherst which is just north of Buffalo.

Elder Walker and Elder Houghton
We are replacing the sister missionaries here so neither of us knew the area or any one here. So that has been interesting.
I know the Lord is watching over the people here. The third home we stopped by to see a less active lady, when she came out of her home she was super distressed.  The police were there and she told us that her adult son had ran away saying he was going to commit suicide. We just said a pray with her to help her. We came by later and they were able to find her son and took him to the hospital--sure was a interesting experience.
Elder walker is a beast!  We wake up at 6 to work out! He is like a train that pumps iron like non other! pretty much every inch of my body has been sore this week! haha its a nice feeling.

We get to drive a van! we called it Mahonrie Morancomer . It's the only van in the mission! :)
We were stopped by a man in an ice cream truck to have him quiz us on what we believe, after the quiz he gave us ice cream and said a prayer-- I think to save our souls! haha I didn't really know what to do but it worked out well!

I have knocked on lots of doors this week.  The sisters left us a list of potential investigators  that we followed up on and I have already seen everything from really nice people to very colorful language. 

We got to speak in the ward yesterday (5th week in a Row!) It was awesome! I love the ward as well. It is FULL OF KIDS, like everywhere you look you see someone holding a baby. 
I am loving it here! The members feed us a lot! Just yesterday we had dinner with a family and they invited their catholic neighbor to come and meet with us! We shared the restoration! (First lesson I have given in the mission! I was freaking out!) the Spirit was awesome! I hope that she felt something!
OK so that is only a sliver of some of the things I have done here! NEW YORK IS AMAZING! AND THE WORK IS MORE AMAZING!

Real life imitating art
I love you all!
Sorry if I don't get to respond to you all but I love hearing from you!

Elder Houghton

PS. My Mission home address is 460 Kreag rd. Pittsford, New York, 14534
They don't want you to send stuff straight to our apartment!


Friday, August 22, 2014

First letter from the MTC

The MTC is flipping amazing I am loving it here!!! It still hasn't quite sunk in that I am actually here! But I am loving it! So... getting kicked out at the curb was not as bad as I thought it would be. Now I am here! My Host was awesome! He was Elder Joseph and he is going to Pittsburg, Russia... made me think of JT! I got the Black badge of courage so now it is official. I am a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Then I got to meet my first companion! And guess who it was???? It was Elder Daugs who happens to be JT's cousin, who is going to the same mission as I am! He is pretty legit, and I am excited to learn and grow with him here at the MTC! So they had all of the new Missionaries get together in a big room and they had like a big welcome prep fireside thing! We got to meet the MTC president and his sweet wife, and they are just so awesome! The thing that struck home to me though was when we got to sing my favorite song, "We Will Bring the World his Truth" instead of it saying, "and we will be the Lord's missionaries . . ." it said, " And we are now the lord Missionaries to bring the world his truth!" It made me five times more happy to be here! I am loving this work! My P-day is on Thursday, I believe! I was able to get like 20 minutes to write today! This work is amazing, the MTC is amazing, and the Krispy cream donuts they gave us last night were amazing! Love ya fam!

Love, Elder Houghton

P.S.S I found two letters in my suitcase from two amazing younger sisters made my day!

P.P.S. Be sure to email me all your email addresses because I can't remember all of them! 

  1. Photo: Addison's MTC District
    MTC District