Friday, January 23, 2015

January 17th, 2015

Hello Again My most Wonderful! Family!

I absolutely Love hearing from you all! This is one of my favorite things is getting to hear from my most favorite people in the world!

Rochester is still Awesome! We had some exciting things happen this week! One was that our area boundaries changed! So instead of having the smallest Elder’s area in the mission our area pretty much doubled in size! So with that we got several of ASL's investigators to teach.  I am super excited about all that!

Something I love about being a missionary is being able to connect with people that I never would of imaged becoming friends with.  We get a lot of rejection, but there is something amazing about being a missionary and being able to meet with complete strangers just once and then by the time we leave I feel like we have a special bond of friendship-- that only could happen as a missionary! I love it! I believe that it is through this gospel that this is even possible. I love being able to share it each and every day! There truly is no better work!

We had a really cool lesson last Saturday. We meet with a Lady (Nancy) that is from Mexico in an awesome little coffee shop. I felt like I was in a movie, and the Hot Chocolate there was Divine!  It was really interesting how she came to meet with us! She was raised as a Catholic but while she was in Mexico she saw the temple there and thought it was nice.  She kind of set it aside in the back of her mind. Then later she visited Salt Lake City and had a tour of Temple Square and she thought it was nice. Then she came here for school and as she was at the bus stop she happened to meet two sister missionaries who shared with her the restoration! She told us how she never even thought of actually trying to find out for herself if another religion would be right for her. But now she wants to know and we get to be the ones to teach her! It blows my mind sometimes how many influences some people have before they are converted. We never know how or who we are affecting but people are watching and we just might be another step, for them, towards true conversion!

Ok so another crazy thing! We have been having a several theft problems at our church building. Two weeks ago Chantal, a resent convert to the church, had her coat stolen and then last week one of the ladies in the ward had her Car stolen! It is crazy! Sadly they still haven't been able to find it for them! So now last Sunday the bishop was emphasizing a lot about reporting any suspicions acts in the church and to keep an eye on everyone around ya! Crazy!

Also we ended up moving 3 different people between Saturday and Sunday! So that has been pretty fun I never realized how much missionaries help people move! That's something they should teach in the MTC!

Well I love you a ton!

Hurrah for Israel

te Amo

Elder Houghton

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