Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Feeling down in the dumps?
Watch General Conference it can help!
Hello Again!

This has been Quite the week! 
I mean I started off by going with an investigator to Niagara Falls! so yeah that was pretty amazing. It's been really interesting working with Jeff, he is all about helping out the missionaries and showing us all the Cool things to do in New York, but it also has been interesting to try and share messages with him because its hard to stay focused with him! BUT I think we found the cure! and it is through movies!  We just watched the testaments with him just last Friday and that really went well!   We have one of the greatest missionary tools coming out this next-- Friday!!!! "MEET THE MORMONS"!!!  This movie is inspired, it is perfect for our investigators and also to let the world know what Mormons are like! I am so Stoked! We, as a zone, will get to watch it this Tuesday

Also we got to meet and have a sweet lesson with Kriza, she has come to church Twice, she is from the Philippians and she wants to learn about the church, all because one of the members invited her! It was crazy-- we met with her on Wednesday, we had Sister Lahti and Sister Campbell who are her friends that invited her, and then we needed a male to come as well so we had 3 members present! We just set up a table in the Gym and taught her the Restoration. It's really nice when you have lots of members because they practically teach the lesson!  After the lesson we had Pizza! so needless to say it was a good lesson! 

Elder Walker and I helped move a very nice man move from one side of his house to the other I think we rearranged his bedroom 8 times! haha He is a super nice man that is a convert to the church but he hasn't been coming much lately, but we can help change that! 

Saturday we did more service.  We went over and pulled a ton of weeds around a ladies home, like it was so bad that the neighborhood was putting a petition to have her kicked out of her home! So our ward stepped in and helped her out! I love helping her out but during the project it rained like crazy so we were muddy and and wet and happy as could be,  about the time we were done it was nice and sunny! We finished the project about 11:15 (conference starts at 12 here) so we rushed home got ready as fast as could be and drove as fast as we could (legally) and got to the church at 12:00 so it was perfect!  

Seriously! I don't know if it's just me but I could swear that each General Conference is getting better and better! and wasn't it amazing how they let general authorities speak in their native tongue! The Church of Jesus Christ is a world wide Church! This Gospel is truly Going to every nation Tongue and People! 
We had a luncheon at the church between sessions, we invited several people and like no one showed.  It was incredible any ways and we went back for round two and later round three. So we were both spiritually and physically fed.

Sunday we went and watched it at the Blatto's, a part member home, it was really good..  Over the course we got to finally meet sister Blatto's husband who is not a member and talked to him even though he didn't watch it with us. They had two young daughters who were really fun and crazy! I just love getting to watch conference from a home. It made me think of all the conferences we watched growing up in our family-room with everyone  asleep and I would be watching and listing intently ;) Ha just kidding we were a Perfect family no one would Evvvvverrr fall asleep! 

I Love y'all so much!!!!
I am so great full to be one of the 88,000  Missionaries serving through out the world it is incredible!
Hurrah For Israel
Elder Houghton!

Excited about our new investigator--Fluffy!

By the way doesn't a certain Sister Missionary get home home soon?

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