Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hello from the beautiful state of New York!

 It has been absolutely amazing! It started out really cold last week but this week the weather here has been sunny, beautiful, and perfect for missionary work! All the trees are Changing color! I love it!

The people here are super nice, but also people here are very religious, or very busy. So trying to get in and teach people has been a little bit difficult, However, this week has been great. It almost seemed that every one and their dog wanted to talk to us! (of course with a few exceptions), Tuesday especially, pretty much every one we tried to see wanted to talk to us.  One example is that one Catholic lady we have been visiting finally let us into her home, she has been reading the Book of Mormon and she had us come in and address one of her concerns.  She wanted to know what happened to people who die who are not a Mormon.  It took us a minute but we were able to tell her about the Plan of Salvation and she said after that we could still be friends! 

One lady was quite impressed with us ( Cough Cough sniff sniff) and invited us to come speak of our "Religious Roots" at one of their Catholic prayer group things! We are super excited about it, I am also a little bit nervous about it, but that's normal I am a Greenie after all ;)! all I have to do is put my trust in the Lord and He will help me through it! 

I Got To Go On My First Sights Trip!!! WOOT WOOT! :) We got to Take Jeff  who has been kind of investigating the church for a while now. And it was great! We went to the Hill Cumorah and the Joseph Smith Farm and the Sacred Grove, and the Book of Mormon Publication Sight! I was reminded of how Great it is to serve where it all started! Missionaries all over the world testify of what happened at the sacred grove and I have it right here in my Mission!!! Jeff liked it, he is the kind of guy who likes to go see places and historical things so he enjoyed it a lot! 

Check out my Hoops!

This Sunday was the Primary Program! :) I don't think I have ever seen so many kids up on a stand before but it was very well done, and the best part was several of the members had invited friends to come see it! I never would have thought of it as a Missionary tool! It truly is wonderful to hear these Children of God Bearing Testimony of simple truths! and now we have an appointment to teach one lady this Wednesday

 Disna moved to Dubia this week :( but we got to see her and testify of how this gospel can bless her family. she said she wants to continue to learn and that she plans on going to church there! :) It is so hard to see such a Golden Investigator leave but I know God has a plan for her! the funny thing though was right after we said goodbye to Disna, Sister Campbell Took us over to meet some of her friends who are From Saudia Arabia! she invited them to church and they seemed some what interested! All it took was a simple invite, I think sister Campbell is one of the best missionaries here! 

I know I am a little short when it comes to details but I am trying to do Better! 
I love you all SO VERY MUCH 
You are the best! I loved the Package! There is nothing better than a taste of Idaho! 
Jenn You are a stud!!! Driving Sloppy Joe all over town, ! You have achieved very high honer of learning to Drive Sloppy Joe, may you drive him well, and tell him I love him and miss him! ALSO for beasting it up on stage! so Proud.
Rach keep it up! I can't believe all that you have gone through these past couple weeks I am very impressed, I am so sorry for the Loss of papa Campbell. That is no easy thing but way to keep on pushing through! 

Mom way to be! I wish I could of been There to see it! but I have a feeling I wouldn't have been invited to the Jane Austen  party thing. But way to be a missionary!
DAD YOUR A STUD! nuff said!

Elder Houghton 


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