Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 15, 2014

Hello Again From Rochester!

It really is Christmas time in the City Here! They have put up
Christmas lights and every Thing! (But it doesn't even Compare to
Temple Square, witch is super awesome that You got to go! I absolutely
love that place!
Also Thank you So much for all Birthday wishes and packages! It made
me so happy getting packages on my Birthday! Elder Scott even took me
to Moe's For lunch and I got me a delicious Quesadilla! It was
awesome! and a great day for missionary work! a miracles happened that
day as well. so Cassie is one of the people with a baptismal date, but
we just haven't been able to get in contact with her like at all! she
would cancel appointments then we couldn't even get ahold of her on
the Phone. So Tuesday the ASL elders went to Starbucks to do Online
Proselyting (we get one Hour online each day) But the WiFi wasn't
working so they went to the restaurant next dour were the Wifi worked
so as they were doing there thing one of the workers came over and
started to talk to them and basically testified that she knew that the
church was true and is the only correct church in front of like every
one there and that it was a sign that they were there! and Guess Who
that was! It was CASSIE! She then told them that she would call us
that night so we could come over! It was awesome! I love it when
things like this happen and they happen all the time!

Wednesday really was an Eye Opener, we got to go to One of our
investigators Grandson's funeral. I am pretty sure it was a Baptist
funeral and we were 2 of the 3 only White People there. It was
probably One of the most different, and depressing things I have ever
experienced in my life. For example they had an Organ, drums, and an
electric Guitar, and during the Opening prayer the lady progressively
got louder till the point of Yelling, the Guitar and organ was playing
along and people were Shouting out! "AMEN" and "PRAISE JESUS"! and that
was just the opening Prayer! During the opening Number It was Chaotic!
Lets just say there was a lot of Weeping, wailing and Gnashing of
teeth from the mother of the son who passed away, and everyone around
her was trying to comfort her! all during the song! it was so sad.
Also I don't think I have ever heard the Word "Amen" so much in my
life. It was a really interesting, and It makes me so grateful to have
this Gospel and for the Wonderful plan that Our Father has made for
us-- to be able to live with our loved ones again! That truly is one of
the greatest blessings. And then to hear what happened to Jonathan
broke my heart, life is so fragile and it so hard to hear that some
one I knew and graduated with and has now passed away. My thoughts and
prayers go with his family!

And Then Saturday we were at the church like all day! We went to a
baptism in the morning and then we had a went to a single adult ward
lunch talked to an investigator there! And then we went and set up for
the ward Christmas party! It seriously was one of the best ward
Christmas parties I have been too! It was gorgeous the food was
incredible we had over 250 people there many were friends that people
had invited! President France's came and Spoke and we had fabulous
musical numbers and then the best part was I got to be Santa's little
helper! Yes I was an Elf! You got to love what you get to do as a
missionary!!!!! I will have to get some pictures to show you cause it
was incredible! But that was basically my week!

Oh! This is transfers week! And Elder Scott and I are staying
companions! Which is crazy because he has been in this area for 6
months already! Haha the work is going really well here still! And I
am loving it!

Hurrah for Israel

Merry Christmas!

 Feliz Navidad

Making ginger bread houses
 Downtown Rochester

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