Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 22nd, 2014


Can You Believe it-- Christmas is in 4 days!!!! Crazy!
And The Thing I am most excited for is getting to see all of Your
beautiful faces! :)
Well lets see I am going to have to give a quick recap of the events
this week because I have to save some stories for Christmas! ;)

Well a missionary broke his nose last Monday while we were playing
basketball, that was exciting.

Tuesday we had the awesomest Spanish referral! His name is Luis!
We dropped by his place and he Let us in! (That is always surprising
as a missionary.) He is from the Dominican Republic and Apparently he
used to meet with missionaries there. He doesn't remember to much from
all  they taught except the Word of Wisdom which he is keeping!
So we got to teach him the Restoration and the Word of Wisdom! I still
don't understand anything being said but I am able to at least follow
along and get the base of where the conversation is at.  It is kind of
cool. Then he invited us back Friday! When we got there he was ready
for us. He changed his sweat shirt and beanie for a button up shirt and
combed his hair back. :) then he told us how he wants us to go through
every thing slow so that poco by poco,  little by little he can become
fully converted to this gospel! He wants to be converted! It made me
so happy! Then he came to church last Sunday as well! it was awesome!
We now have two Luis's coming to church and they are both Spanish
investigators! and they are both Solid! The other Luis has a baptismal
date set for the 3rd! :)

Last Friday we had an interesting dinner with a member, basically
during the ward Christmas party a less active lady that let's just
say has a some kind of disability.  She invited us over for dinner.
 She lives in an apartment building and on her front door was an interesting sign. 

We didn't know what to expect haha, We were happy to say she was 
really nice! She went all out and made turkey and something else that I didn't recognize. 
It was ok I just don't want to know how she made it.

Talk to you soon love you all!!
Elder Houghton

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