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March 23rd 2015

Hello Family!
Life is like (Bath New York weather) you never know what you’re going to get!  We wake up each morning and there is snow on the ground in a couple hours, the sun is out and it’s warm and then it’s raining… then warm then it’s cold again!  It’s definitely been keeping us on our toes! However, despite our odd weather Bath Is On FIRE!!! :) I love seeing this area turn around!

Tuesday all of our appointments cancelled on us, so Elder Gibby said we should go tracting up in Pratsburg which is a small town we missionaries haven't touched in a long time. So we went, and it was awesome, not very many people were actually interested but we got to talk to quite a few and plant some seeds. Then before we left we decided to knock on at least one more house, and what happened? A mother answered and asked if we were J.W.'s-- we told her we weren't - which she seemed relieved about. Then she asked what was the difference between us and Christians! We were happy to relate the restoration of the fullness of the gospel to her.  She then told us she wanted us to come back so she can learn more! :) There is something about the last door because I believe the Lord loves photo finishes. We just have to be willing to push forward to the end so we can see the blessings of enduring! Mosiah 4:27

OK, so on Wednesday we went to pick up one of the members to go on splits with us at this dairy farm where this member volunteers to help his neighbor out about each day.  While we were there he introduced us to Mark who is a hard working Dairy farmer, and one thing about Elder Gibby-- he is a Pig Farmer!!! So he could really connect with Mark, they just got to talk all about Farm stuff!  I got to say I was around a lot of potato farmers… but mostly I felt like it was a field trip seeing all these cows and animals!  I loved it.  Mark was super open to having us come back and sharing our message with him!  We are excited to go preach to him and his cows! :)

Thursday we had to do some training on our new iPad  which are really nice!  Thanks Mom thanks Dad!  During this training they mostly talked about how we as missionaries should more effectively use the tools we have. So in one of the videos it shows missionaries in action teaching and following the Spirit, and they bought up a talk that Jeffery R. Holland gave April of 2008 called “My words never cease”.  It is an excellent talk.  He explains what the last verse in Revelations was actually saying – the importance for Prophets and the importance of always needing continuing revelation!  We thought this would be really good for Ron, so we went there and asked if he had any concerns about what we have been teaching him.  First thing he says is how he is still confused about the last words of Revelations!  We were like "well we are glad you asked, this is exactly what we wanted to share with you!”  It was exactly what he needed at that time!

One of the high lights of this week was being able to sing with Brother Hopper in sacrament meeting!  I think it sounded good!  We were pretty happy about that, and one of our investigators came and really like it as well!

Miracles are happening daily here and it is a privilege to be a part of it!  You are wonderful I love you all!

Hurrah For Israel!

Elder Houghton!


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