Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 13th, 2015

Hello my most wonderful family!

It never ceases to surprise me but I feel like I just barely wrote yesterday, and than I look back through my planner and see how much has happened since then-- and it is a lot!

Elder Gibby and I have been very busy this past week, because there is so much to do and yet so little time.  We know that time is running short for one of us, because transfers are this next week and we are pretty sure one of us is leaving  Bath. We are both just sprinting as hard as we can to do all that we can to help everyone that lives here! I have loved serving in this small town, and I have been able to meet and develop great relationships with many of the people here. I especially love going to the store because there is always someone that we know there that we can talk to! It has just been great!

On Wednesday night we have a Book of Mormon class that we go to and teach every other week. this week was Elder Jones turn to teach the lesson, and this class normally fills the rest of our evening. Well Sister Jones Called and told us that Elder Jones had gotten terribly sick all of a sudden and wasn't going to be able to teach the class so they just told us that they canceled the class for the evening. Now that our evening was open we were wondering what we were going to do when one of our investigators (Gary) called us and had a couple questions. He wanted us to go and meet with him. Not only him but he had invited a couple (Bob and Dorothy) that we met the first week we were in Bath and haven't been able to meet with them since. Gary has been investigating the Church for a long time now and loves missionaries, but we have been struggling to see what is holding him back and how much he believes. We have been reading through the Book of Mormon with Gary and so we had a nice Book of Mormon study with these people. It was one of the weirdest studies I have ever read. We read Alma 11 ( we skipped through the money verses) and at one point Gary had a question about what was said and I didn't know how to answer, then Bob explained it perfectly to Gary, then later Bob was being very skeptical about believing what it was saying, so Gary pretty much began to testify to him about the Book of Mormon! It was awesome! I pretty much could just sit back and let the spirit help them teach each other. It was probably one of the best lessons I have had with Gary! It wasn't until after that we realized that if Elder Jones Had not gotten sick then we wouldn't of had that great lesson. The Lord really works in mysterious ways!  

I also have been amazed at how the Lord seems to put us in places to help others when they are in their low or sometimes lowest places. We have been working with Valentina and she has a lot on her plate and when we went to go see her for our appointment she had completely forgotten that we were coming again because she had just had another crazy thing happen to her and her life.  We always seem to show up right when she in a very tough situation. I know that the lord knows what was going to happen and was able to have us drop by and help her in her time of need! I don't know how much she understood  from that lesson because she had kids running around and her dog was going crazy but I know that she felt something. It has just been a very interesting experience for me.

I sure hope all is well in that part of Zion! Because we are seeing great things happening here! I love you all so much!

Hurrah For Israel! 

Elder Houghton!


This is the Edge of our Mission Boundaries!

P.s. I loved the Easter package! I felt like I was right at home!
P.P.s Elder Browning Is home! What??? that Blows my mind! I wish I could of been there to here the great report!

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