Wednesday, May 13, 2015

April, 27th, 2015

Hello again from Pittsford New York!

 This week has been a week of adjusting. This is already my 4th area
in the mission, so I thought I would be used to leaving everything
behind again and start all over in a new area, with new things, new
people, pretty much everything except that it is the same work.

Leaving bath was difficult for me this time. So far it seems like my
time in each area is getting shorter and shorter. But I look forward
to the new experiences that await me here in Pittsford.

Pittsford is where our mission office is and also where all the
missionaries go for transfers. So the church building that I now go to
is the first church building I came to in the mission. And every
transfer we go to we meet in Pittsford,--So now it's the church I go
to! Also it was so different coming up from Bath because there are people
everywhere!! I seriously didn't know what to do with myself. “It
doesn't look like Bath anymore Elder! “ This is considerably one of the nicest areas in the mission, so that is really different too.

We had one of the craziest lessons, on Wednesday. We meet with a lady
 who has been investigating the church for about a year and half. Her
husband is a member that started coming back to church recently. Well
let's just say that Lori is the most prepared person I have ever met for
baptism. Her baptismal date is on the ninth and she is so ready for
it. She has already had a calling, she has already spoken in sacrament
meeting, and she has already gone through gospel principles. We went
over to just do a run through reviewing both the Restoration and the Plan of
Salvation as a refresher for her baptism. Well she taught us. So I
guess this lady is pretty prepared. It was so cool.

Elder Garland is my new companion, and he is a good elder and I am
excited to work with him.
Things are finally warming up a little. And the leaves are just now
starting to pop out! And it is a joyous sight!

Sunday we had a huge area broadcast that all the stakes in the North
Eastern states listened to.  Elder Neil L. Anderson and
Robert D. hails spoke and it was the so good. Except the connection to
it here was terrible, the sound would cut out, and then the picture
would go away, and then it would buffer for the whole time, so other
than that part the messages we heard where very inspiring, and
missionary oriented, so I was all for it!

Really good things are beginning to happen here and I am super
excited to see things happen here!
I love you all a ton!
Love Elder Houghton!

Ps. The plumbing went out in our church in bath so they got us one of these. . .

Transfers. Elder Gibby is moving on!

Rocking the tie

 This is my posterity, Apparently I do have some tall genes in me!

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