Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May the 4th Be With You

Mission work! ( play music)🎼🎶🎼🎶 Baaaa bum bum bum ba ba bad bad da
da da bum. . . .

Turmoil arises in the east coast, wickedness is abounding, and many
are searching for truth  but know not where to find it. Elder Houghton
and his fearless companion, Elder Garland, go to help free the people
from spiritual darkness and bring the light of the restoration to
their lives. Day after day the duo march forth across all of
Pittsford, declaring truth unto this people. They press forward,
despite aching feet, to declare truth unto this people. Sadly many
reject these servants of the Lord, thinking that they are "all set".
However Thinking of new ways to reach out to the people of Pittsford,
The Elders use the great resource of the up and coming Hill Cumorah
Pageant. Many receive this news with gladness and it has helped soften
their hearts. Surprisingly to these elders, is how many of the people
have not actually heard of the pageant, which is only about 15 minutes
travel from Pittsford. And so with gladness they explain to them of
the spectacular spectacle.
The work continues to go forth and many are working hard but also with
these difficulties the joy from it is far greater, for Lori has
committed to be baptized this following Saturday. . .

OK it takes too long to write that way.

This week we also had a specialized training where everyone in the
mission went to the Peter Whitmer Farm. It was so much fun and such a
great experience. It was such a cool experience going to place where
 the church was first organized and to feel of the spirit there. It was fun to be able
to see all those other missionaries as well. I got to meet elder
Gibby's new trainee Elder Bennet! He is a giant, he is 6'8" and is I
think the only missionary taller then president Francis.

And I am super excited for Mother's Day! So this letter will be a
little bit shorter because I will see you soon and talk to you in person! I love you
all! We get done at church at 3, so if you could just let me know
what would work for you that would be great!
I love you all.
May the Forth be with you!
But more importantly God be with you!
Elder Houghton
This is my posterity. Apparently I do have some tall genes in me!

Peter Whitmer's Cabin--Where the church was established

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