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April 20th 2015

Hey, Hey, Hey! The News has finally arrived!

 Waiting for transfer calls are probably one of the worst things ever. Because you just never know what is going to happen, it is so exciting! Well Earlier this week Elder Gibby got a call from President to train!!!! I am so excited for him! I am surprised and yet I am not surprised at all, because he is such a great elder He pretty much trained me! I mean he just finished his training and now he gets the awesome privilege of becoming a Father! So I get to be a Grandfather! It blows my mind!  I am so excited for him! 

So with that they are kicking me out of Bath. I feel like I just got here and now I am to go to the land of Pittsford New York! ( which is where our mission office is--- and another thing - Elder Walker served there as well so I am just following the footsteps of my father). It is always so sad to leave an area that I have grown to love! It has been a great privilege to see where this area was (which wasn't very much) to where it is now. It is hard to leave especially the people we have worked with.  I know I can look back and say that I did everything I could to help this area, and we have seen miracles happen and I can look forward to my new area. Pittsford is where I am meant to be and now I get to look forward to put in as much work as I possibly can.
 I am kind of excited for this new experience.  It also helps when the Sacred Grove and the temple are less the 20 minutes away! It is going to be so awesome! They call the missionaries here in this zone The Gardens of the Grove! It is going to be awesome!
This Week has been Crazy! We have both just been sprinting because we knew our time was limited, so we have been out and about proclaiming the restored Gospel as much as we can and it has been wonderful! We definitely meet some interesting people. Such as one man who was on a street corner playing a Trumpet, all dressed in Red White and Blue, with a large banner across his Chest saying "CALL FOR REPENTANCE" he was a nice guy who has traveled all across the U.S. and Europe on his Bike to go to street corners to spread the word. We talked to him for a little while, and he told us he had met missionaries as well all over the world. I thought it was really great and kind of neat.
One miracle happened on exchanges in Penn Yen. we exchanged companionships Saturday night and we still had about an hour and a half to walk around so I was with Elder Wilson and we just were trying as much as we could to follow the Spirit and we walked up to the house of a potential they had. Right as he was about to knock he turned around and said that it didn't feel right so we turned and walked up a different street. We walked up this street for a little bit and then Elder Wilson looked at this random house and said, we should knock on this one. We went over and saw that the people inside were having dinner, but following that prompting we knocked, and this lady answered with a big grin and invited us right in! I looked at her and I knew I had met her before. Then we realized that it was the Lady that worked at a diner that We had eaten at like 3 weeks before on another exchange. She was very friendly and we had a good conversation with them. Then apparently her son's Girlfriend came in and told us that her Grandmother had just died. We weren't able to teach them  but we offered and so we will see what happens. It is so amazing how the Spirit works, It is like the perfect GPS. It will lead you exactly where you need to be and sometimes you don't even realize it, but the Lord knows and he will put us where we are needed! It's so cool to be a missionary! 

Also on that exchange the Zone leaders also went on exchanges with The APs so we had 6 elders in an apartment it was pretty awesome! Each morning for companionship study we sing a hymn and so we had all 6 elders singing “Praise to the Man”, it was pretty powerful! I think we converted everyone who walked by. J

Good things are happening, and I have loved The Bath water, and I am sad to leave it. But it is time, to keep going to work wherever the lord sends us, and let’s do it Boldly and Nobly! 
I love you all!
Hurrah for Israel! 
 This is what happens if you don't have a very strong foundation. Helaman 5:125:12

 Best District in the Mission!

 This is a man is just out walking his dog,-- just another day in Bath.

Elder and Sister Jones- Probably my favorite people in the mission! 

Golfing On P-day! I think I won with the Highest score!

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