Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 9th, Many miracles

Hello everyone!

What a week this has been! In a way this week has been one of the
busiest weeks yet miracle-ful weeks I have had!
It has been weird because we have had a lot of meetings,
like both Wednesday and Friday were just gone because we had
interviews and other meetings that we had to go to so we had to make
the most of what time we had left,  I believe the Lord was helping us us
the time .

So the first cool Miracle was on Thursday.  We went to meet with Justin and
Nicole, Justin is a returning member and is  on fire! Nicole is his
girlfriend and we went over and taught the plan of salvation this week!
The lesson was awesome and after we asked if she would be baptized
and she said she would but that she wanted Justin to do it for her. So
now Justin is preparing for the Aaronic priesthood and Nicole is
preparing to be baptized. They have been coming to all the
activities! I absolutely love them!

Friday night at institute we got a text from a random number asking
about the YSA branch and told us that her daughter had moved to
buffalo and wanted to be involved.  We called her and she told us
the details and to be short she told us that their family had been
less active when their daughter was younger so she had never been
baptized! Elder Tomlinson and I just looked at each other and just
couldn't believe it! So we went the next day and met with her, her
name is Ireland and she also said she would be baptized! It was so

Then that night was Anthony's baptism which was just such a great
experience! The branch showed so much support for him and it was
wonderful experience! The Spirit was so strong! I asked Anthony what
he was thinking after the baptismal service and he said I am thinking
that this is where I am supposed to be. That was a powerful moment for
me! And also Ireland came to the baptism so it was just great!

Sunday at church was awesome! Our branch has nearly doubled, We had 5
investigators that came to church! It was awesome! And the members are
on fire with inviting there friends! So we are just seeing so many
great things.
I just don't know how to right them down. But I love the opportunity I
have to be on this mission. There really is no place I would rather be
right now.
Love you lots!

Elder Todd Houghton

Anthony's baptism

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