Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sunrise at Hill Cumorah October 26th 2015

Hello my family!

Shout out to my sister Rachel for she is now 16 years of age!

Our week has been crazy! I have been able to cross a couple things off
my bucket list.
Well to just start the week-- for FHE last Monday night we had a camp
fire and roasted marshmallows. It made me so happy.

Second I got to go on an exchange in the ghetto of Buffalo. It was so
much fun! It's a bus/walking area and I just loved it. We met so many
different types of people I could just people watch all day there
because the people of Buffalo are very unique! There is just always
something happening or someone to talk to there I was loving it! At
the very end of the day just as started to head back to the bus to get
to our apartment. We met this young man who was standing on his lawn
with a big German Shepard, and saw us and asked if we were college
students. We went over and got to start talking to him about how we
are missionaries and what we do. And he thought that was one of the
coolest things. He was like so basically you're servants of God! Ryan is
my age we graduated the same year which was super cool, I could see
myself being good friends with him. It started to rain while we were
talking with him and we didn't have an umbrella. We said we were fine
but Ryan told us that we were going to stay there while he ran inside
and came out with an umbrella and a hand full of snacks. It was just a
really nice thing.  I am a Young Single Adult missionary so I also got to tell
him about our branch and he said he would  come to church.

 On Saturday all of the zone leaders had to go to a service meeting in
Palmyra. The Buffalo south elders wanted to go  early so they
could go to the temple. We woke up at 4:30 in the morning to head
up to Palmyra. We are going this next Saturday with the branch and we
can only go once a transfer, so we just got to spend the morning in
Palmyra! We went and ran straight up the Hill Cumorah! And watched the
sunrise! It was so cool! Then when the other elders came out we
went and walked around the sacred grove and sang Joseph's first prayer!
It was absolutely beautiful! Loved it! Also  service is so exciting!
We are going to "go Ammon" on the people here in New York!

We are seeing so many crazy things. Last Sunday I think we had twice as
many people come to church! It was a miracle.
Great things are happening here and we are continuing to look forward
to all the miracles!
Also thanks so much for the package you sent it literally made my week!
Have a great Halloween!

Love Elder Todd Houghton

Hill Cumorah
My Pumpkin

Ps.I will miss the witches fingers.

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