Sunday, March 6, 2016

"Drunk as a Skunk!" February 22nd 2016

Hello once again! And Happy Valentine's Day  (last week) 

I recognized after emailing last week I didn't even wish you a happy Valentine's
Day! I love you all so much! Holidays have gone down a lot in meaning
as a missionary, because everyday I am just so focused with the job at
hand! Which is to bring souls to Christ! There is truly no greater
work! I did get the package you sent so thank you, thank you!

Things are going so well! I am just loving life! This week has just
been jammed packed full of missionary goodies and lots of other random
experiences! I hope I can tell you some of the best ones!

Tuesday It snowed and It Snowed and IT SNOWED! It's a good thing we
have a big old Silverado with four wheel drive! We were able to make
it through anything! For the most part we were inside all day. I
have discovered a favorite way of contacting. I love seeing some one
shovel, and jumping out and helping them finish. It is such good Ice
breaker (punn intended) and really easy to lead to talking about the

I don't know if you remember but over a year ago on Christmas Eve, I
was in this same area and we were going around caroling with the ward,
as we were going we were yelling Merry Christmas to every one! One guy
named Bugsy told us he was as "Drunk as a Skunk", and came over and
talked with us. Any way, we were able to see him one time and he was
such a nice guy and he said he wanted to change his life. Well, we
struggled to get in contact with him and then I was transferred. Nothing had
happened with this man since. On Wednesday we were on the same
street, just getting ready to drive off when I see this man walk on
the sidewalk and I couldn't believe it but it was Bugsy! I rolled
down the window and yelled "Hey Bugsy" and he said "Oh my gosh! I am
so sorry I am drunk right now" haha on the exact same spot as when I
first met him and he was still drunk but to keep the story short he
invited us to meet with him this next week!  I am excited!

Also we met one of the most legit people I have ever met!  On 
Monday night we had spent about an hour contacting by Eastman College.
No one except a drunk homeless man was willing listen to us and he 
didn't really even do that.  We asked the last person we saw right as we were 
about to leave if he would like to learn more. He said he would!
We set up a return appointment for Friday. Thursday came around and he
texted us! That right, HE texted us! He confirmed our appointment. His
name was Chris and he is super cool.  We got there and he made us
chocolate chip banana bread which he later told us he did so
we would feel comfortable to come again. He had already been
reading and praying and had great questions--it was crazy!  It's a very
true statement, it is always the last person that is willing to
learn more. I am really excited about meeting with him again!

Pretty funny experience... we went to see a less active member and when
we got there apparently they were having a concert in the basement. We
weren't sure if we should knock or not but we did and the guy who
answered was like "Mormons right!" He invited us in so we could talk
to the the member. There was like thirty people in there all just
bobbing their heads to apparently to the band "Bong pong"  ha ha. We were
like, "Its not everyday that Mormons show up to your party" We were
only there for about a minute but as we left one the guys was like
"come again you guy are cool!"

Saturday we took an investigator to the sites, and it was such an amazing
experience.  It was a little rough getting her up there but it worked
out. Elder Bradford, the sites director and former mission president of
Brazil, gave us the tour and it was so powerful! When we got to the
frame home Elder Bradford began to talk about the atonement and asked
her if Jesus had to perform the Atonement for only you would he have
done it? And she said "yes he would." The Spirit filled the room and
she began to cry, it was a very special experience! She is saying how
excited she is for her baptism on March 12th!

I know that our Savior suffered and died for each and everyone of us.
He is the one that makes it possible that we will return back to our
Father in Heaven! What a flawless plan we get to be a part of!

Love you all!
Elder Todd Houghton

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