Monday, March 2, 2015

February 16, 2015 Baby It's Cold Outside

Hey hey hey! My Oh My, I have something's to tell you!

Ok, well first of I think God is trying to teach me to love the cold,
last year It was one of the coldest winters in Utah and Idaho, and
then I come to New York and we are having record breaking cold/ and
snow! And then back in Utah/ Idaho your all enjoying the beautiful
weather. Hopefully I can learn my lesson quickly because if it is
negative 20 degrees with wind chill then we have to stay in our
apartment. So yesterday it was so cold that the whole mission had to
stay inside, they even cancelled church! It just felt weird and
wrong staying inside. But we were able to call and set appointments
with a lot of people so that made it OK and we made an amazing
collage of pictures from our stack of ensigns and put them up all over
our walls! Our apartment looks so good now! :)

But don't worry I wasn't inside all day! Last Wednesday we had an
amazing warm spell of like 30 degrees! It felt so good so we used this
great weather tracking! We knocked on two houses. . .  Nothing. . .
The third house a young man in his twenties answered the door. And we
told him a little about ourselves, and then asked if he would be
interested in learning more, he said he had time, so we got to teach
the restoration! It was so good! I truly believe this man felt the
Spirit and that is super exciting, I just hope we can meet with him
again! But I mean it was the first person we talked two! I was so
happy the rest of the day! I just wish every door we go to could be
like that!   Elder Gibby is  awesome to work with he is not afraid
of just preaching the gospel to these people and I love it! And we get
along really well and he is a hoot! We are practically laughing all
day! It just makes being in a small town were the closest missionaries
are like 30 miles away a little easier.

Also another miracle from this week. We met with a man on Tuesday.
It was kind of a lesson that was hard to keep somewhat organized
because this man just has a lot of random things that he is reading and
working on and so it has been a rough start with him, and he told us
how he only wanted to meet with us once a week. But after a day or so
we text-ed us and said he wanted to meet with us soon and that he
couldn't wait until Tuesday! So we were excited! This last lesson went
really well! His brother was there and really helped and then we were
able to set a baptismal date with him! And that was kind of cool as
well we asked him what day he would want to be baptized, (I was
looking at our calendar thinking April would be good) when he told us
how he wanted it to be on the most important day to him which is
Christmas. That was kind of too far off and we told him  we didn't think it
would be open on that day. So he told us, “ OK, then how about on my
birthday April 2!” We were like Yes that is perfect!” So we are just
super excited about the work here in Bath! It is the best!

Then pretty much the rest of the week we have been all over the place
for meetings and interviews!
Tuesday we drove to Hornell for interview's with President Francis. He
is the best!
Wednesday we drove to a  zone meeting! Talk about a spiritual boost!
Friday we drove to Rochester for the Adjusting to missionary life
meeting that all the new missionaries go to, we seriously had like 40
people there! It was crazy! Very different then the four I had at my
meeting I went to. But super awesome!

It has been an awesome week! Even though the cold might not be the
most fun thing in the world, the spirit makes up for it!

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Todd Houghton

Ps. Go on LDS missionaries on face book you might see some familiar
faces if you look through their photos! :)

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