Monday, March 2, 2015

February 9, 2015- Called to Shovel

Once again Hello My most wonderful family! You guys seriously are the best! I don't know how I ever got so lucky to have y'all as my Family!  
BATH IS AWESOME! It is so much fun to be in a small Town! I am seeing so many new things and also so many things that make me feel like I am right at Home!

We have had a lot of service opportunities this week. For instance It has been snowing. . . a lot. so we have been shoveling . . . a lot. :) and because of all snow/ shoveling we have been able to get through to many Less actives and New Investigators, that we are now going to be able to go meet with.

 We were just driving down the Road- out in the country in a very poor neighbor hood of trailers when we saw a man stuck in his drive way and couldn't get out with one guy trying to push him out. We pulled over and ran over to their assistance and by using our brute strength we were able to push him out! I love opportunities like that! We then got to help shovel the drive way and that opened the way for us to talk to them. It was great! We ended up talking to him ( the one that was stuck) for about thirty minutes about the miracles he has seen in his life. He is a super nice guy with Zero teeth and a great spirit about him, and just thirty minutes ago he called us! Woot Woot! I don't know if you know but having someone call us, that is not a missionary/member, is a rare occasion! So We are super happy about that!  

And that was only one experience another time we knocked on the door to a less active. . . Nothing. 30 seconds later they pulled up! But it wasn't the member it was their parents who are not, so we got to help them bring in a mattress that they had brought/We got his number and he invited us back! Coincidence I think not!

We are also were called by one of the Eternitgators in our area. He is a nice guy and had us over for dinner.  He has been "investigating" for the past 45 years" and he loves the missionaries, anyways he  called us and asked us to go help one of his friends to get unstuck from her driveway because she had a meeting she had to go to! We  got her unstuck and they invited us over for dinner!

We have also been working with another less active member with finishing his basement. So we have been able to go use tools and feel Manly as we build walls and tear/ smash the tile! It has been pretty satisfying so far! It has been great and I hope that we will be able to help him get back to church! I have loved it!

We have had Three opportunities to Exercise our priesthood authority to give blessing to those in need!  I have loved it so much.  I mean We as missionaries have been called to serve and when "ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God! What a great privilege this has been! Also I know the lord puts us in places right where he needs us. It is amazing to see things happen before our eyes!

I Truly see so much potential here in this small town, I have learned so much so far being in a branch is a very different feeling but I know the lord has sent us here for a reason! and we are here To Go and Do!

Now Service is great and I love being able to help people with these physical and only temporary things, but there is nothing greater than being able to help serve another child of God to come see the light of this Gospel!

Hurrah For Israel!

Love the Badge!


Elder Houghton

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