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March 9th 2015

Mar 9 (7 days ago)

Hello Hello!

Just me and the farm!

Needless to say things are Happening here! We are seeing some amazing miracles and it is such a privilege to be serving here! We Just got transfer Calls and luckily Elder Gibby and I are staying here in Bath! :) I always get a little nervous for transfers because you never know what is going to happen! It's so exciting!

We had some pretty cool experiences this week! We met with  a nice lady again and taught the plan of salvation! It went really well.  We asked if she would be baptized and she accepted!(and said yes!) We set the day for April 11th she was so excited about it-- she went and wrote it on here calender! She also told us that she was very excited about coming to church that she went and bought a longer dress for it! There is so much joy that comes from missionary work! I love it.

We also went and met with a less active couple this week that we have met with a few times, the first time we helped shovel their driveway and are one of the sweetest couples, While we were there he told me he jokingly really liked my tie because it was green and that he just might take it if I wasn't careful ( that was a couple weeks ago) Then we met with him again and we found out that green really is his favorite color and that pretty much all the shirts he has were green. They haven't been to church in a long time now but they love the elders. So I decided I would wear that same green tie the next visit just cuz I knew he like green! So when we meet with them again this week, we asked if they wanted to go to church this week, because We were the ones who would be speaking in sacrament.  Any who, he told us that he didn't have any ties but he had a white shirt, So I looked down and I was wearing that green tie so I gave it to him! He told me he would never give up a green tie and then said that I was being a little pushy. Haha It was a rather tender moment. and the spirit was very strong.

We have been meeting with a  a guy for about two times a week for a while but really we weren't getting any where.  He had been meeting with a couple other ministers as well that had been giving him anti material so he had a lot of questions and was just so confused. We would try and and clarify things for him and just told him how important it is to just read and pray about the book of Mormon. But he just wasn't putting much effort into it. so we were about ready to just call it good. His brother( who is a member) was about ready to be done working with him too. We decided to take it to the Lord, and for some reason we just felt that we needed to work with him a little bit longer not to give up yet! So Elder Gibby and I put a lot of thought into what could we do to help Ron, when this Idea sparked in our minds, To take him to the Sites! It seemed so obvious then what we needed to do! So we called his brother and he was all on board, So we figured it out and took him up last Saturday! IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!! It went so well all of the tour guides answered all his questions, and showed so much love to him that he was stunned by how much love he felt from everyone there! We went to the Joseph smith farm we got to testify of Josph Smith right were it all happened! it was so spiritual! Plus I saw a family there that was from my first area. :) Then we went the Granden building where the book of Mormon was published! It went so well then we went to the Hill Cumorah! There we ended up watching the Joseph Smith movie! and the best part was that while we were there he looked at us a told us how he loved it so much and how he will always remember us! I was pretty happy! it went so well then on the way back we got Ice cream and danced in the snow it was really fun! 

Then we Got to speak on Sunday! I got to talk on the first 3 Articles of Faith! I know the lord helped us a lot in those talks. Sadly not one of the people we have been working with showed up to church. so we still have some work to do but I am just grateful that I get to stay here another transfer to do it!
  Plus How lucky I am to be able to be able to have Palmyra in our mission! 
I love getting to be a Guardian of the Grove!
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Todd Houghton

.Top of the Hill Cumorah!

enjoying icecream

 My awesome district!

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