Monday, March 2, 2015

February 23rd, 2015 Yoo Hoo! Big Summer Blowout!

Each morning as I get ready for the day I look outside and then think of how excited I am for warm weather. But really though it is so much Fun! I love all the snow we have been getting the only thing that I am sad about is that it is so cold that the snow is just powder and trying to make a snowman is pointless, but one of these P-days we will do it! :)

This week was weird because we didn't have church last Sunday It has felt like an extended week and has thrown me for a little bit of a loop.

Since we have been here we are continuing to see miracles happen. We have been so busy this week. We have had several appointments and in between we are tracting on as many doors as we can. We are seeing the lord place people in our path that have so much potential and it is incredible to be able to witness it. One of the times we were out tracting we meet a young woman on the street and got to talk to her for like thirty minutes! We taught the whole Restoration and even after that she told us how she was surprised  by "How Normal we were.
We got her info and now we will get to meet with her in a week.

The senior couple in our ward, the Jones, are incredible! Sister Jones has basically been a mother to us since we have been out  and it is amazing how much they do to support this branch. But one day Sister Jones wanted a taco, so she went to Taco bell, and started talking to the young lady. Somehow in the short conversation this young lady told Sister Jones how she is a young mother that has been recently divorced and that she has two jobs and is always busy and how she knows she needs God in her life and that she had been church hopping trying to find the truth! The funny thing was Sister Jones was wearing a jacket over her name badge, so she was able to then move the jacket and indicated how she was a missionary! She then gave us her information and we got to go meet with her last Wednesday. It was one of the most spiritual lessons I have been to because she is so prepared! She is Golden. Elder Gibby and I were so Pumped after that lesson! We were on a spiritual high!

I had a very awkward experience as well this week. Which isn't uncommon because missionary work can be very awkward at times. So some random number called us. I shall recount the following conversation.
Me:"Hello this is Elder Houghton, . . . Hello?"
Her "ummm Is Todd there? "
Me "umm, Yes this is Todd?"
Her "I don't think this is the right person."
Me "Well My name is Todd, How can I help you?"
Her "Well the Todd I am looking for is my sister"
Me" Oh. well that's an interesting coincidence"
Her," haha yup well I hope you have a nice day"
Me "you too"

That was one of the weirdest experiences of my life!

Saturday we helped our Branch president with some service we went and shoveled a couple of tons worth of snow and then Hauled wood, it was a great opportunity to gain the trust of our Branch president. We slept very well that night!
This has been a Great week the work is going so well here! I love this work!

Love ya!

Elder Houghton

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