Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 13th 2015S

Hello Hello! 

Once again the transfers have come and I have now received news as to what is happening!
I Get to stay!!!! I am so excited this will be the first time I will take over an area and now this will be the longest I will have been in an area! haha But Elder Garland is moving on to greater things and is going to Buffalo. So my new Companion is  Elder Labar, And I am really excited about it.  He has trained twice in a row and is a great missionary so I am excited to serve with him!
This week really has been incredible! I have had so many cool experiences this past week, and I hope and pray that my joy does not bring me to boasting, for I do not glory in my own strength but in the glory of my God, and also that we have the coolest mission ever.
Sherri's Baptism

Sherri Got Baptized on Saturday!!!!!!!! :) :) :) It was awesome! On Wednesday we went to the Sacred Grove and got to have her baptismal interview there. The Spirit was so strong and it went so well, she showed up and had her scriptures and everything that we have given her. She asked us if it was going to be an open book interview. after the the interview we got to go walk around the temple with her and she is so excited to go there! It was just an awesome experience. After that we elders went to the Chill and Grill in Palmyra for Ice Cream, I got the Kiddie cone which gave me three scoops of Delicious ice cream, and Elder Garland and Elder Winkler got the large, which happens to be 8 scoops!!! I will send a picture so that you can admire the beautiful picture, they were barely able to finish. it was a good day!
Eight scoops of ice-cream

Then on Friday morning we received a call from the other elders asking if we could help with a service project that day. To help a family who asked us missionaries to help out. All we knew was that there were some bushes we needed to trim and so we assumed it would take like an hour or so. Little did we know what we got our selves into. we got there and they weren't bushes they were HUGE HEDGES, it took all day to finish! but we saw, we came, and we Conquered! I was then nice and red for Pageant that night!!! 
Doing a little trimming 

 The Pageant was incredible! It is Huge! and we saw  tons of people you knew from past areas and even from home! It seriously was the best seeing Josh and Madison there! it seriously made my week, if that is even possible!
Saturday was such a special day! For one it is someone's Birthday! It's John Quincy Adams Birthday! and I guess Heather's birthday! :) It was also the day that Sherri got Baptized! It was a great baptism! She had asked  President Clark ( he is the stake president for Palmyra)  to do it for her. It was great and she was just glowing after! Right after the baptism we got to the pageant with her. it was great! We got to stay up past curfew and everything! Pagaent is just one big Righteous party!
That night one set of missionaries came up to us and congratulated us on the baptism we had that day, and then told us that earlier on they had had a fast that if not in their area but somewhere in the mission there would be a baptism on July 11th. It was amazing to me to see that the Lord answered their prayers.  Seeing all prayers and fast that went into this one thing it, is just awesome! I am grateful again for all of your prayers. They really do perform miracles!
I love you all! and hope things are still just going fantastic out West it looks like your having a blast! 
Elder Todd Houghton
Ps. Go listen to "John's Song" by the Nashville tribute band, we were jamming out to that on the way to the baptism!

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