Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 20th 2015

Hello hello!

"Come my sons there is work for all of you"

"Touch me Not" ... " "Oh Nephi"

"50 Nephites can stand against tho-ow-usands of Lamanites!"

"Baptize me Alma"

"And when he shall receive these things I would exhort you to ask God
the eternal father in the name of Christ if these things are not

All of these are quotes  from probably one of the coolest shows you
will ever see. It's called the Hill Cumorah pageant! And it is
awesome! We got to go several times this past week! And it is like the
best thing as a missionary, you see people that you know, tons of
people that have worked with. Members from past areas. Plus as a
missionary everyone seems so happy to talk to us! I kind of felt like
a celebrity! It was awesome!

Probably my favorite part of pageant is when Christ come to the
Americas! It is so Cool! I get chills just thinking about it! One day
you will see it!

This past week we have been so busy! I got my new companion! Elder
Labar.  He is a hard worker, obedient, and he is
a blast, we sometimes just can't stop laughing as we go. It is

We helped 3 people move this past week! One we thought would just be a
little move, a member asked us to help load a truck and move some
boxes. It was only me and elder Labar, and the member and we moved for 
hours straight moving countless boxes of books, let's just say we got our
work out in for the day!

The last one we got to help a investigator move to a new apartment and
because we were able to help out. She was able to come to pageant!
After it was over she was just speechless! And so touched by the
spirit it was awesome!

We also had a cool experience, we were walking down a neighborhood and
we talked to one lady in her drive way, and she was nice, and we
invited her to come to pageant, but then we were walking down the rest
of the neighborhood and two girls came out and started talking to us,
they were like "oh my gosh they are real Elders!" They had heard a
 lot about the Book of Mormon musical, and they said that they wanted to
hear what Mormons believe from a Mormon. We were like sweet so we
told them all about the Book of Mormon and the restoration! And good
stuff like that. We gave both of them a Book of Mormon and invited 
them to read it and to come to the pageant! They were super nice and asked
a lot of questions. It was awesome they said that they drove by when
we were talking to the one lady who was one of their
school teachers
and said oh now we have to talk to them! It was pretty cool. Now we
will just see what happens!

I loved the countless messages I received this week! One example was
some missionaries told me that my aunt from Hawaii said hello! It was
pretty great to have my family so close! I hope you enjoyed it!

Well I sure love you all! God bless! And the church is true!

Elder Todd Houghton

 Got to see Lake Ontario for the first time! It's huge!

 I would like you to meet one of the members from my ward, brother Smith!

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