Thursday, July 23, 2015

June 29th 2015

Hello, hello

My goodness as always it so good to hear from you all, my most favorite part of the week is getting to hear from you! And then you have to bare with much patience for me to try and expound in one small letter the many miracle so far the week! It is a difficult task but non the less I shall commence!

Things here in the beautiful Pittsford are great---fantastic! We have had some pretty fun experiences this past week. For one I got to be in my first trio for a day, there was an elder that is from here and had just had a three month trial mission, and he past so he was getting ready to go to the MTC to prep him for the rest of his two years! It is crasy to think he went straight into the mission field with out first going to the MTC. It was kind of fun being able to go with him, he was baptized into the church two years ago and now he is going on a mission, most of his family isn't very supportive of him going out, but he, despite it all,  was willing to go and serve. It was amazing to see the  faith of this young man. It also made me very grateful for the great family I have and  for all the support you have all shown me. It has been such a blessing!

We also have been going all around hanging up posters for the Hill Cumorah pageant! I am so excited for it! And I just want everyone to come see it!! There are couple members in the ward that I know are going to be in it! It is so excitingly! Maybe one day we can do it as a family or something :) it would be awesome! Definitely something to consider! 

On Saturday I had the great opportunity to help move 2 families, one that was moving into the ward. They reminded me of Amber and JT moving to one of my fellow states out here in the east. And we helped move in one of my neighbors. . . From Bath. Elder Gibby called me up in the morning and said that our neighbor in Bath was moving to Pittsford . It rained the whole time but it was a great opportunity to help them out and give them some great exposure to missionaries! They were so grateful for the help, and I was grateful to do it! Hopefully they can come to the pageant, and then it's all up hill to the Celestial kingdom from there! :)

Sherry is doing awesome! We meet with her twice this week, and we are just flying through all the material. And she is just soaking everything up! Sunday during Sunday school we taught the big 3! Word of wisdom, tithes and offerings, and the law of chastity, I was only a little nervous about it ( just because people tend to have issues with those doctrines) but then we had the lesson and she had no issues with anything.  She doesn't drink coffee or tea, or do any drugs,she was fine on the law of chastity, fine with tithing! She is so golden! We only have to meet with her one more time and then we are going to have the baptismal interview at the grove ;)  And then when she gets baptized we plan to go to the pageant with her! :) and the interesting thing is I have nothing to do with it! I just feel honored that the Lord is willing to give me this opportunity to teach this woman who is so prepared! It's just a privilege to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord. And it sounds like your doing it back at home for your coworker. I know she will forever be blessed from your example! Oh and also to just put the cherry on top, after church there was going to be a baptism in the ward, so we got to have Sherry go to a baptismal service right after church! It was awesome!

Oh for the forth of July we get to go watch the community  fireworks show in proselyting clothes. Sound familiar? It should be fun! 

Good things are happening here!

 And it sounds like great things are happening back at Home! Love you all!
Elder Todd Houghton

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