Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 6th 2015

Hello family! And Happy Independence Day! And Happy Canada day! 

It was just my luck that I got to be with one of the two Canadian elders in this mission.
Let's just say that we both have a lot of Patriotism for our own county! It was fun for three days in a row we had a meeting where we sang America the Beautiful! It was fun watching my fellow Canadian.  It has been a Fun week!
So apparently all fireworks used to be illegal here! ALL OF THEM! Including sparklers and poppers! But this year they legalized  some fireworks,-- not the big ones or Roman candles, you have to go to Pennsylvania for those. So everyone was so excited that they could have sparklers.  It was different. But it doesn't change anything for us because we can't use them anyways. 

New York doesn't really know how to do fireworks! But it was fun anyways! I got to give a Book of Mormon to someone that was drunk and someone that was high! Haha so that was great!  I hope they will be able to read it when things get a little clearer for them

We had tons of miracles this week! And so many more miracles to come! Probably the coolest thing this week was on Wednesday. So we had an appointment with Sherry at about 1:30 but when we got there Sister Kennedy, (she had been her fellowshipper and she works in the mission office) well she told us that Sherry was buying a house in our ward. She didn't use to live in this ward but she really likes it and so she is moving in to it! Well because of that the appointment was moved to 5:00. This is also when the mission office closes.  We got there and we were going to have dinner and then we were  going to cover the rest of the principles to make sure she has been taught everything! When at about 5:30 we heard someone enter the office.  We were expecting someone like President Francis or a missionary, and then low and behold it was Brother and Nate Medsker, my initial thought was "hey! I know him" it seriously made my week getting to see them! They all looked so good and Nate, Brandon, and Josh all looked so tall! It blew my mind! I was just so happy to see them, and if our appointment wasn't moved to 5, it wouldn't have worked out! So that was just a wonderful tender mercy seeing probably one of my favorite families from the Mount Lewis 6th ward!
The Medsker Family!

The rest of this week has been really good! We were able to go to the temple again! We got to go just a little early so we went and walked the loop in the Grove! It is so cool being a missionary here! I love it! The temple and the grove are awesome!

We got to meet with Matt again, he has read the whole Book of Mormon, but I am not sure how much he got out of it.  We invited him to pray about it, and so we will see what happens.  The promise in Moroni 10 is real! We also are going to try and get him and his family to the pageant.
Well I sure love you all!

God bless America!

Palmyra Temple

Elder Houghton

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