Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Moving to Buffalo NY October 5th 2015

Hello family!!!

I miss spud harvest! It looks like you all had a blast! And wasn't
conference the best!!!!! Talk about a Spiritual reboot! I feel so
pumped and ready to go!  Our leaders really are inspired because I had
some questions answered.

Today we got our transfer calls, and I have to pack up my bags
because I am going back to Buffalo! I am going to be in the Buffalo
YSA ward! And guess who is my companion! Elder Tomilson! My fellow
Shellyite!!! I am so excited! But then I am also really sad that I am
leaving Pittsford.  I have grown to love this area, the members, our
investigators, everything. But I am happy with what we have been able
to accomplish here. It has been a great experience and a part of my
heart will always be here in Pittsford. But it will be fun because I
am going back to be in my first district! So I am super excited!

We have seen so many really cool miracles this past week and I have
loved it! It has probably been on of the busiest times of my mission.
First cool miracle.- so remember Kristarlo from the previous week. We
went back with a member, and when we got there Kristarlo told us that
it wasn't a good time because her son in law was doing a project 
to put in some shelves in her home or something like that. Well Eric came
over to say hello and basically said that there will never be a good
time. . . So come on in!  It was a great lesson Eric told us that he
is searching to educate himself on our religion and so we taught him
the restoration! It was such a good lesson and it was perfect because
the member that came with us was a perfect fellowshiper! There really
was a reason that we were lead back to this family.

So we had met this lady name Elanor the previous week because she
moved In to where one of our older investigators lived.   Well, she
answered and said she was of a certain faith and that she wasn't
interested. So we asked if she needed any help moving because we knew
she was new to the home  and she did. She was rather surprised by the
fact that we were willing to help, so we set up a time to come today
and help her.  We brought the service elders with us and it was just
really cool.  She sat us down in her living room. she had baked a
beautiful plate of cookies and said she wanted to get to know us
before she put us to work. And so we talked to her a little bit about
where we were from and things like that. Then she told us how we had
completed our mission, because after we had dropped by and had offered
service she was so blown away that she went and looked up what
Mormon's believed, and she was amazed at how Christ centered we
actually were. She told us often when she would think of these great
missions she would think of going to Africa and South America or third
world countries but she realized that there really is a mission that
is just right here at home. And then she told us how she really needed
the help because she just doesn't have that kind of support. She didn't
know what she was going to do and then she said that when we had
dropped by she said we were like angles showing up at her door to help and
to serve just as Christ would do. It was really touching.  We
got to help her move a ton of her stuff to the attic or the basement.
It was really good and after we gave her a Book of Mormon and invited
her to come to a service which she said she would in her own time! It
was a really neat experience. Mosiah 2:17 is becoming more and more
special to me because when we really are in the service of our fellow
beings we are only in the service of our God!

Then we had a great lesson with a young man name Tucker who desired to
take the lessons!  It was such a good lesson we taught the
restoration, and we invited him to pray and I think it was one of the
first times that he prayed out loud but it was really cool! He texted us
later and told us that he felt that a whole week in between visits
was two long so we will be seeing him now twice a week! He is so
prepared! I love it!

I loved the message from General conference! Really the gospel is
simple and doesn't need to be complicated, as we keep the
commandments, and keep the sabbath holy or make it a delight it will
help us take the steps that we need to return to our Heavenly Father,
We aren't perfect but by simply trying to be the best we can the Lord
will magnify our calling! What a blessing to have living prophets and
Love you all!
Have a great week!
Elder Todd Houghton

Working together and having fun

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