Wednesday, October 21, 2015

September 21st, 2015

Hello to my amazing family!
I think I say this every week but holy cow we have had a week full of miracles! But I think if you look you can see miracles happen in even the most simple of things!
Any-who this week we had zone conference! which is always a great experience! I love the training and the things that we learn there! However, this zone conference was a little different than the norm because we had several people from Salt Lake come in. They told us to clean our cars extra nice for them because they came in to install TIWI which is also known as the Black box that tracks how you drive. So mother you can sleep more soundly with our driving because we have an extra pair of eyes watching over us and telling us to slow down! We also, I am proud say, came away with the Golden plate award for the nicest car in the zone! It was awesome! 
On Tuesday we got to go over with the service elders and we helped two ladies move into their home. It was a really good experience. As we were moving they asked us all types of questions about what we do as missionaries. And I think they were surprised with how young and willing we were to come and help. I think it really set the stage to soften their hearts.  Before we left we told them about the Book of Mormon and invited them to come to a baptismal service that Saturday. They were really interested in coming and they said they were interested in learning more! It was just awesome. They weren't able to come to the service but then we told them all about Palmyra so that's our next step -- to get them there! We are really excited about it!
Thursday we were heading back to our apartment for lunch when we walked past a hot dog stand. I couldn't wait any longer I  had to get a hot dog from a hot dog stand in New York! so we stopped and got a hot dog! We sat next to a really nice man named Benny. He started asking us questions about church and how he was wanting to go to church. We told him about the Book of Mormon and gave him a copy and he just got so excited and wanted to learn more and kept saying how he was so glad we had stopped and talked to him. He turned to his sister who was sitting there pretty quite, and showed her that he had a Book of Mormon. and she said :" yeah I used to study with the Mormons many years ago. I used to go to the Hill Cumorah pageant every year. until I move to Georgia, and I just lost contact. I haven't seen the Mormons come by in ten years!"  She (Ruth) was just visiting for the 3 weeks,  and so we got her information and now when she goes back she will be able to meet with the Mormons again! It's amazing how the spirit works even if it a strong impression to have a hot dog! :)
Saturday some of the sisters in our district had a baptism! It was such a Spirit packed meeting and the best part was that Linda came to the service!!! It was such a good experience and then Bob the older gentlemen who was baptized got up and bore his testimony to us all! He had been investigating for the past 3 years before he made the commitment to be baptized. He said it was one of the happiest days of his life! I sure hope Linda felt the spirit as strongly as I did!
Well that is just few of the things going on in this part of town! Hope things are going well in all of yours! I am so excited for Brian or soon to be Elder Harris! He is going to do so many great things!
Hurrah For Israel
Love Elder Houghton

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