Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"The Mormons are Coming" September 14, 2015

Knock knock 
Whose there.
FBI open up! 
. . .
Ha just kidding it's just the missionaries!

Maybe one day I will use that as a tracting method. What do ya think! :)
It is so wonderful hearing from you.  It  sounds like some great things are happening.
Today we had an awesome opportunity to go to the Grand Canyon. . . of the east. :) it's called Lechworth Park! and it is the largest gorge east of the Mississippi. A sweet couple, Jack and Marilyn, offered to take us. They are a couple that works at the farmers market so we have been able  to work with them over the summer. It is absolutely beautiful!! I hope you can see it someday. I will send a few pictures.

This week has been a week full of miracles! One of the first ones was Monday night. We got a text that we had received a headquarters referral. So we went and got the teaching record for a lady and her son that are moving in from Independence Missouri, They have been investigating the church for a while there and  they are moving in to our ward and needed help moving. Then after that we also got a call from our Bishop saying he had received a call form the sisters telling him that she was moving in. All of that happened in thirty minutes time.   Let's just say they were very thorough and made sure we knew they were coming in!  We got a good crew togethT

And I sure love you! 

Have a great week!


Elder Todd Houghton

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