Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving November 23rd 2015

Hi family,

The leaves are falling, the air is chilling.
Winter is coming, and so is Thanksgiving!

We have had quite the week full of great experience! I still love this
area so much! We have seen so many good things and I just love making
all of these new friends! It's great! I just love the mission life
there is never a dull moment because it is always go go go! And I love

Also it's almost Thanksgiving :) Which I am so excited for! But this
week I have also realized how grateful I really am, This past week I
have seen some situations, where I look at what some of the people
have gone through and I just could not be me more thankful for what
you have all done for me.  For example we went to meet with some of our
investigators, and when I looked at their living situation it just
made me sad because they don't know how to take care of themselves.
They sit and watch tv and play video games all day, they also had very
little food in their apartment, and their dishes were all in the sink.
One of them asked if we could help them out so I washed all the dishes
and then Elder Tomlinson taught them how to cook pancakes because
they had never been taught!  I really just want to help them learn these
important thing, so we talked with branch council about starting a
self reliance class.  I kept reflecting on how much you  taught me
growing up so many things which have helped me on my own.  I am so thankful for
all that you have taught me!

Biggest highlight for the week was on Saturday morning. We drove up to
Palmyra with the branch for their temple trip, but for us instead of
going to the temple we went and took Ireland to the Joseph Smith farm!
And it was awesome!!!  We got the tour of the log home, and then we
went and walked to the sacred grove and there we read from Joseph
Smith's history; i.e. his experience of the first vision and after we did
that we bore our testimonies and then we gave her the opportunity to
pray in the grove by herself.  She told us after that she cried and
didn't know why.  It was just awesome!  We also went to the Hill Cumorah
and there we watched the hour long Joseph Smith movie!  It was so good!
I think Ireland enjoyed it and is so ready for her baptism on the 5th
of December!

I got to speak in sacrament meeting this week.  I was pretty
nervous but I had a really good subject and that is Christ's Atonement!
It was based on Dallin H. Oak's talk this last conference.  But really
that is one of the things I am most thankful for and that is what our
Savior did for us and how he made it possible for us to return to live
with our Heavenly Father again!

I love you all so much and hope you have a great thanksgiving!

Elder Todd Houghton

Got to do some raking this week! Took us three hours!
At the sights with Ireland! So Awesome!

Just doing a little raking:)

I found our park

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