Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Happy Easter March 28th

Hello and Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a wonderful week, I have truly loved this time of
year especially as a missionary it just feels like more people are
willing to talk about Christ and His Resurrection! And the best part
is we don't just have to talk about it ones a year but we get to
reflect on Him and talk about our Savior Jesus Christ always!

So transfers are again this week! Elder Detlor is going to be training
a new missionary which I am really excited for him! He will do a great job
with his new missionary!
My new companion will be Elder Tomlinson! . . . Again! It is pretty
crazy to serve with a previous companion ,but I am excited to serve
with my fellow Shelleyite again!

 We had a week full of Miracles and  Exchanges that is we went
on three Exchanges this week! Which is a lot! Any who!

One really cool experience was that one Monday night last week we had
a lesson with Major again. we had it at the Mission home and President
Francis got to be there! It was kind of exciting when we got there
President put us on the spot and asked if we would sing a hymn before
we started.  It was interesting singing to President and his barber in
the mission home but it really helped invite the Spirit into the
already spirit filled home. We had a powerful lesson on the Book
of Mormon. We started reading 2 Nephi 2 with him but only got 9 verses
in because we were discussing and digging into the meeting of each
verse it was powerful! And there are a lot of precious treasures in
those scriptures!

We also met this really cool young woman named Kayla on exchanges, and
we went back and had a great lesson with her and her roommate who sat
in on the lesson. We had a powerful lesson teaching about
the restoration! Teaching the restoration just never gets old! because
it is such a great message!

Tandra has been doing well! Although this week has been tough on her
because it was her schools spring break and she stayed behind. The
problem is that she doesn't have a car. And the school closed all of
the food places on campus so she had no access to food, and we are
basically her only outside sources.  We made some trips to the
store, and ordered pizza for her a couple of times. It was unique!
We have been super busy with lots of appointments and meetings! We
hardly have time to think and it is great!

Things are still going well! I sure love you all! And hope you have a
great week!
Elder Todd Houghton

 Elder Detlor is getting transferred and really
wanted to come to this place called the Dinosoar BarBQ for lunch. It
was pretty good! Had a pretty cool view!

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