Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Snowy Day in April April 4th 2016

Hello again from the land of Rochester!

Where the weather is unable to make up its mind! We woke up to a white
snowy, spring morning!
This has been a very unique week in the land of the NYRM I don't know
many missionaries are able to say they are companions with someone they
graduated with from home--Twice.  I have
loved serving with Elder Tomlinson again.  He is a fantastic missionary
and we work very well together. So it has been a great experiences so

We have had many meetings this week with the new transfers, so we got
to just jump right in!

Wasn't General conference the best?! I loved every minute of it! It
blew my mind to think that this was my last General conference in the mission field, It
still feels like I just had my first one. Time is flying by! I don't
know if I can put my fingers on any specific talk as my favorite
this time because I felt like they were all speaking to me! Although I
really loved Russell M Nelsons talk on being able to have priesthood
power! It was inspiring, they were all so good!. Also as I listened
I just couldn't help but think how grateful I am for my family and for 
 how they have done such a good job at living the gospel. Mom and
dad you are the Greatest!

There was a wonderful experience I had during the morning
session.  It was basically all missionaries in the chapel watching the
broadcast when this this nice man walked in and sat next to the elder
next to us. I looked over and realized that this was Benny, (he was a man
that elder LaBar and I had found almost 6 months ago!) We found him
when we decided to stop and have a hot dog from a hot dog stand, We
sat next to him and talked to him about the church. He was such a cool
guy and we gave him a Book of Mormon. We had to refer him to the city
elders and I hadn't heard from him since... And then boom, there is he
was watching General Conference! He said he really enjoyed it and he told us how
much he enjoys being with the people of this church! It was a great

This is the best work! I am so grateful for living prophets, who are
inspired and are able to help lead and guide us! I am grateful for my
family and for this restored gospel which enables us that we can be united
Love you all so much!

Elder Todd Houghton

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