Thursday, April 14, 2016

Let Zion in her Beauty Rise April 11th, 2016

Hello to all who are in Zion!

Which is all of you! We have had such wonderful experience this week,
and it has just made me so grateful to be apart of this great work.

There were also a few things this week that made me appreciate the
good moments. It snowed several times :(.  I also  had the opportunity
to remember that on April 6th 1830, in a small log home in Fayette New York, the church
of Jesus Christ was organized again on the earth.

186 years later we got to be there!! We had a specialized training
at the Peter Whitmer's farm and it was just so neat to see what
 the church used to be and then watching General conference just a few days
before and seeing what the church has become! It was really a
wonderful experience. Also I just love all of these missionaries and
getting to see them again is always a highlight. A crazy thing
happened while we were there. The power went out in the kitchen so
President Francis went to find the circuit breaker. President is very
tall ,he is 6' 7, and when he went in to the closet to find it he stuck a
nail into the top of his head. He began to bleed very badly and got
blood all over his shirt and his suit. And when he walked out there
was a family waiting to go on a tour and they saw him. He had to go to the
bathroom to clean up, however  20 minutes later he was up in front of
all of us missionaries! His shirt was still a little pink and he
recounted that experience to us and then he talked about Christ's Atonement
and how our sins though they may be as scarlet they can be as white
as snow. How grateful I am for Christ's Atonement and that through Him
we can be clean! I am also grateful for a remarkable mission president
I have learned so much from him.

At the Peter Whitmer Log Home on April 6th!

Friday was also a very unique and special day. Nanii from the Buffalo
YSA,that I had been teaching, was getting baptized!!! Which is such a
miracle in itself. Elder Tomlinson and I were the ones who started to
teach her. She has been through a lot, but getting to see her again
was amazing because she truly looked like a new woman! She had taken
all of her piercings out and she just looked so good. On the way down
to the baptism Elder Merril (He is the senior elder who is in charge of
all the vehicles in the mission) asked if we could take an additional
car with us down to Buffalo for some of the missionaries down there.
So in order to do that Elder Tomlinson and I had to drive separately
but we had to still stay within sight of each other. It was one of the
strangest  hour and Half rides of my life. It will probably be the
nearest thing to being alone I will get as a missionary.  The
baptismal service was wonderful! Kind of funny--right before the
service I got a pretty bad bloody noose, and it just reminded me of
that same scripture that our sins even if they are scarlet can become
white as snow! Nanii was so happy and I am so happy she has made such
a wonderful and sacred covenant with our Father in Heaven!

All the Missionaries who taught Nanni!

 Pre baptism Selfi!

I love you all so much! What a great work we get to play a part In!
And how wonderful it is that we can repent!
Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Todd Houghton

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