Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Everyone and Their Dog Needs the Gospel March 14th

Hello family!

I hope you all have had a wonderful week! We have seen so many great
things this week! I just love being a missionary! It's the best!

We had a miracle exchange this week on the east side of Rochester.   We
taught 12 other lessons and gave out 10 copies of the Book of Mormon.
It was a beautiful sunny day, about 70 degrees, and
everyone and their dog were outside. We had lots of people
to talk too! We were contacting referrals and with each referral we
did a 2-5-2 ( where we knocked on the 2 houses on the side and 5 houses
across the street.)  The interesting thing was there was only like one
referral that was interested but many of the people we tracked into
seemed some what interested! We had one really cool experience;  we
tracked into their house and right as we were knocking Elder Wilson
was telling me about how he had never been let into someone's house
from tracting.  This guy named Eddy answered and said
he wasn't interested but that his wife was, and told us to come back
in like 40 minutes. So we were like OK and didn't think to much of it.
 We came back about an hour later and Eddy let us right in and we sat
down met his wife Debbie. She had two little girls with her  and we
taught the "Restoration!" It was a powerful lesson and just an amazing
experience.  We realized that God really does have a sense of
Humor, because he made Elder Wilson eat his words at that same house.

We went by and we met with this guy  who is super legit
he looks like a thug with pants sagging and the wide brim hat, but is
super spiritual.   He probably had like five bibles. He said he was
planning on coming to church. He just came from the Barber so he could
look his best. We had a great lesson with him and taught him repentance,
and what it really means to repent and how to do it. As we were going
over it with him he identified a couple things that he needs to stop
doing, like smoking. He already knew he needed to stop doing that. He
also told us that he had never been baptized and that he knew he
needed to, We invited him to be baptized on April 16th and he said he
would prepare himself to be baptized! He is a pretty sincere guy. I
am really excited for him!

We also had a great opportunity of going to the sites this week with
Chris! We went and walked through the Smith Farm and also the Hill
Cumorah. I just love having the sites so close. My favorite part from
that sight trip was that we brought Elizabeth with us. She is a member
and as we walked through the grove we asked her to bear her testimony
to Chris and it was a great experience. :)
That's just a few of the great experience we have had this week! I
love you all and I love this gospel!


Elder Todd Houghton

PS. Isn't it great to be a Mormon?
Visiting the sacred Grove

 Giant Janga, things are really Getting serious. 

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