Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August 25th, 2014

Hello family and friends,

 I absolutely love hearing from you all! The Temple looks AMAZING! I am a little jealous!
 I seriously don't think its fair that I only get one Hour to tell you EVERYTHING that has happened this past week! Because there is so much, so I will just have to narrow it down.

 Amherst New York is awesome! The weather here is beautiful! The ward is amazing! --and we get fed almost every night! It's fantastic!  The bad thing is that I think I am getting so spoiled at the beginning of my mission, that's not good because I will be comparing all of my areas to this one! oh well! The mission life is Good!  Elder Walker and I are finally getting to know people in the area! So that makes life much simpler! 

So we went to meet some of the potentials and less actives in one part of our area and we came to this big a apartment building that a less active sister lived in. We decided to go in and say hello! The hallways smelled of smoke and they were kind of dark. A nurse answered the door and said that now was not a good time! She, the nurse, was on the phone with the police.  We found out that the less active sister was planning on committing suicide! The atmosphere was just crazy! but then this sister, who was in one of those moving chairs, saw us and her eyes got all big and said "Wait! these guys are from my church!" The nurse let us in and we said a prayer with her to help invite the spirit. We then just had a wonderful discussion with her and I could really feel the Spirit. She told us several times how before she was going to kill herself but not anymore, she felt much better! 

I know that the Lord is watching over all of His children and He is there to help them in their most dire situations. I am so grateful to be a tool in the Lord's hands, because I know the Lord is directing us where to go, even if we don't know it! Just as we were about to leave, two police officer came by but we had already fixed the problem haha I loved it!

So many things are happening here! That was only one of the awesome miracles that I have seen here, but there are so many more!
I Love it here!
love you all!

PS. I will try to send pictures next week!
PPS. Rachel I am impressed with the 24 hour race! You take after me! ;) You will do great on your race! I am super excited for you! and Jenn Congrats on the making the Show-choir! You are going to beast it up on stage!

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