Friday, September 5, 2014

September 1, 2014

Hello family!

Happy Labor Day!

Sounds like you guys have had an amazing week back at home! Rachel I am so proud of you! But your going to have to run like me so that when you finish you have to go to the hospital! ;) No I am just kidding don't do that!
And because of that all of the libraries are closed. :( so I couldn't get to a computer but I have an iPad so I can still write! Whoot Whoot! Dad I got your package but I can't use it till next week so the pictures will have to wait until next week.
Yes! I do have a Facebook it is a great way to quicken the work!
Feel free to have any one add me as a friend if you want to see a little more of what I Am doing here in New York! I just have to focus on missionary work!

This week has been another great week here in Amherst! I had my first zone meeting down in Buffalo this week! It was awesome to get to know a bunch of the elders here and Buffalo is huge! 
They have these huge church buildings that are just boarded up and out of use-- kind of crazy!
Elder walker-my trainer-is Great! We started running every morning which is amazing! I am just super lucky but not only that he is a great missionary, and he really teaches by the Spirit!

We are teaching this lady from Shri Lanka by India, and she is just golden! One of the members in our ward just started inviting her to church. She came and now she just wants to learn all about it! She has no religious back ground and English is her second language so teaching is a little different because we have to go to the basics. She is reading the Book of Mormon and she prayed at our last lesson It was so wonderful because she sincerely talked to God and that she wants to know and learn about this gospel! It was awesome! It's moments like that that just make the mission!

Also the lady that thought about committing suicide came to church and is doing great now. Some of the member are planing on helping her go to the temple again!

This work is amazing!
Hurrah for Israel!

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