Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Dearest Family!

I just love hearing from all of you! I get so excited for P-day, it's like Christmas just waiting on the stairs to come up and unwrap all of these awesome presents (letters). 

Rachel your making your big brother so Proud! That is a great accomplishment to drop time on a difficult course.Just keep it up and Shelley might have a new State Champion! ;) Jenn I am super excited about the play! Mom the young women couldn't ask for a better leader because your so amazing! Dad that car looks way luxurious but Sloppy Joe still has it beat! 

 The work here is progressing very well! We are really trying to work through the members because they are the key to success in missionary work. But missionary work can be a little bit terrifying, so we are taking the steps to help the members in our ward feel the fire of this work.  We have  gone to a bunch of members homes this week and we have been inviting them to pray for our investigators. It is working very well we are already feeling the power of prayer here for these children of God!

 I went on my first exchange this week with Elder Skinner! AAAANNDD His area is a biking area! My dream has been complete there is just something about biking as a missionary that I have looking forward to my whole life! We also discovered that we are related--sort of-- he had a Great Great grandpa Eborn the same as JT's Great something grandpa. it was kind of cool.

This last Sunday President Francis came and spoke to our ward! He is such a great guy, he can make anyone feel like a million bucks. and he inspired our ward to do missionary work!  I am super excited about that.
The mission life is absolutely great, and transfers are this next week time goes by way fast here like its unreasonable!
and also mom don't worry about us not getting fed here we have a dinner every night with a member for the next 2 weeks! :)
I love this work!
Hurrah for Israel

Elder Houghton
PS. I have an Ipad so I can receive messages just about everyday I just can't respond to them until Mondays!

PPS. Dad for the scripture D&C 4:4 is good but if its not to late I think I would prefer D&C 11:3 they are practically the same I just like this one better!

This was at our ward party! 1 mile run!

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