Monday, September 15, 2014

September 8, 2014

Hello again my Dear Family and Friends,

Time on a mission is really weird. I have been in the mission field roughly 4 weeks now and I feel like I have been here forever! I have gotten to meet and know hundreds of people here!  But then I also feel like I just barely left home! Its a little crazy!

I can't tell ya enough about how amazing it is here in the mission! They were not lying when they said that miracles happen on a daily basis. But they also were not lying when they said it wasn't easy!
Each morning elder walker and I go run and we see at least 5 to 10 deer.
We then study a TON! which is really good because I REALLY need it!

We then go and meet all types of people! I could almost compare the people I meet to the 7 dwarfs. Some are happy to see ya and talk to you! Some are like Doc and are all about science. Some are like Mopey ( I made this one up but it fits some people) they are ones that are depressed and we had a cool experience praying with one of them and she wants us to come back! :) some are Dopey such as a physic, a guy who said he was Jesus, and so on, and of course some are just plain old Grumpy you meet all types of people! 

Elder Walker and I have been doing a lot of Family History Tracking this last week because its a lot easier to start talking to people about family history.  One couple even let us in their home from it!  One of the doors we knocked on, we met D., we told her about Family history stuff and we started talking with her. She asked to hear about our message So we told her that there is a living prophet on the earth and that we can receive answers from the Book of Mormon. She then said " I have been waiting for you guys," she told us that way back in 1997 she made a large breakfast for some reason and didn't have any one to really share it with.  She prayed that she would have some one to share it with and lo and behold some missionaries knocked on her door. later her mother wasn't doing very well and they had to put her into a hospital which broke her heart to do that and she was really struggling. She was in the hospital hallway  when she saw those same elders and they helped her through that difficult time!

It was super cool! She is a religious person and invited us to one of her churches prayer circle.  I am excited to see where this goes!

Another lady came to church and brought her whole family .Her husband was a really nice guy and I think they enjoyed it! some of the Relief society sisters told us that when this sweet sister introduced herself to the Relief society that she basically bore her testimony! they are awesome! We can learn a great lesson from Sister Campbell ( This ladies Neighbor) she had invited her several times to go to church and she always said no, but after awhile she finally did  accept the offer and loved it!

 As members all we can do is invite, we never know who the Lord is preparing!
The Mission life is Great!
Hurrah For Israel!
Love you all SO MUCH!

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