Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 15, 2015 "Please Bless That Man that He may Call"-- Best Two Years

Hello familia!

We have had such a crazy miracle week full of miracles! (Can you imagine that?) as I look back at what has happened this past week I kind of get this weird feeling inside that makes me just want to start jumping up and down like a little kid on a sugar high holding a massive chocolate bar. That's how I feel looking back on this week.
Let me explain. . .No there is too much let me sum up! (Princess Bride reference btw)

First one! So there is this on lady that has been investigating the church for a long time she started out in Victor was taught by the sisters there for a while, then she moved to Canidagua, and was taught be the sisters there for a while, then she moved again into our area! She moved to our area in March and we have been trying to set an appointment with her. Well appointments have been canceled every way you can imagine, because she was always too busy.  We set an appointment with her for this week, and then we prayed and a prayed that it would hold! And it did! We had a great lesson with her, and got to read the Book of Mormon with her .She told us that she loves the Book of Mormon and has seen it really help her in her life. So it's a pretty good start. We committed her to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it, and we all know what happens if she will do that! ;) It was a miracle!

Second one so I don't know if you remember but from my last letter i might of talked about this a little, but not this past Saturday but the last we met this awesome family on the canal we talked to them about the Book of Mormon, and they were golden! We gave them a Book of Mormon and everything the seemed super interested and then when we asked for their information so we could set an appointment. Instead they asked for our email, saying they would contact us. :( and pretty much nobody gets back to us. But we left them saying there was a still a chance! . .) Well Tuesday morning we were at the library putting training together when we see an email! And it's from him.--This is what it said!

Hello Elder Houghton & Garland,

I am not sure if you remember me.  We met on Saturday morning walking along the canal in Pittsford.  I was walking with my wife and daughter.  I enjoyed meeting you.  I feel in this day and age people rarely even say hello to each other in passing.  We either have our faces staring at our phones or our pride causes us not to speak to complete strangers.  I have been challenged by this myself and found it refreshing to take time to talk with you and Elder Garland that day.  I would love to catch up with you for lunch if you are available this week.  I live in Fairport and work in Greece so I pretty much cover the entire city.  We could grab breakfast as well.  Please let me know what works best for you. I am reading through the Book of Mormon you graciously gave me and would love to discuss that as well but most importantly I think it would be nice to extend some Rochester hospitality to some visitors.
 Talk to you soon.

We were so stoked! Literally answered some prayers! Remember that sugar high?! Yes, that was pretty much me the rest of the day! So we went and met with him last Friday for lunch. It was awesome! We had a great discussion. He had already read about 100 pages for the Book of Mormon. It was really good and the best part is he has committed to read and pray about it and he wants to keep in contact! It was super exciting! Such a miracle!

Third one! Elder Garland and I have also been really trying to exercise our faith. So at the beginning of the month we decided we were going to set a date for someone to be baptized and that we would find teach and baptize someone, by July 11th! We have been praying and fasting a lot to find someone who would be ready to be baptized. We have been working really hard to find people to teach. And then on Friday we were at the mission office and Sister Kennedy( she is part of the mission office staff she is from the Bronx, so funny)  well she told us that one of her friends has been coming to church for the past couple of months and said that she was thinking about baptism! So on Sunday for Sunday school we got to meet up with her. Her name is sherry. She asked what she has to do to be baptized. So we told her about the discussion and also went through the baptismal interview questions. We then taught the restoration and we set a baptismal date for July 11! My mind was blown! We are so excited for her and plan to meet with her again on Wednesday! It was such a miracle!

Thank you so much for all the prayers, I really have been feeling them this week, and have been seeing the power behind them! It such a privilege to see the hand of the Lord in the work!
I sure love you all! 
Miracles happen on a daily basis!
Elder Houghton
Playing golf for P-day

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