Wednesday, June 10, 2015

JUNE 8TH 2015

My dear family and friends,

I am much pleased with this grand opportunity to write once again to thee! And my soul has been filled with great joy at the tidings that I have received from the land out west. Truly there is no greater gift then should a man lay down an email for his fellow man.

So really this week has just flown by. I look back on this week and I feel like everything has just happened so fast that I can hardly even remember what we did. In the manner of a few words. I guess you could say, I have been about my Father’s business. 

Just like you, we have had a lot of rain here. And when it rains it pores! We were outside for literally less than 30 seconds and every inch of us was soaked! It has just been a blast!

Elder Garland has had a full recovery thank goodness! So we have had a busy week full of walking around, and just talking to every one! And the Lord is definitely helping us begin to find the prepared in this area! The only hard thing is most of the prepared don't quite realize how awesome what we are giving them is. The hard thing is they tell us they will call us when they have a question. many of my prayers have been much like the best two years. “Please bless that man that he may call.  . .”  But we are still waiting as of right now.

We had a fun experience on Friday, so we have been going around to different churches looking for opportunities to serve. So we were walking around and past a church and there were a couple people out front so we asked if there was any service opportunities we could help with. And they said that they were setting up for a funeral. So we just jumped right  in! It felt so good to follow Ammon's example, because we saw it really soften the hearts of the people there. Everyone was so appreciative and thankful for us being able to help out. Then we were able to come back to help take it down! It was just great opportunity to meet many new people, and planting seeds. 

We sure love you family! Great things beginning to happen here! 
Love Elder Houghton


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