Wednesday, June 10, 2015

May 18, 2015

Hello again my most fantastic family .  . And friends. :)

It is crazy to think that I am writing to you all, all over the world
from good old Idaho to Hong Kong! I am just glad I don't have to worry
about snail mail, because once I press send it is there in matter of
seconds! Crazy!

This week has been a week full of miracles! The ward has started its
program to have a member go out with the missionaries every day for at
least one hour! And it has been awesome! It is amazing to see the
members jump to action. They have taken us to members, less active
members, part member families, or even one member came tracting with us! It
has just been awesome! It has also been nice because they always ask
if we have a dinner appointment and if not they take us out to eat.
The bad part about that is I have eaten out 6 times this week! And
four times at the same diner! Exercise each morning has become
extremely important!

So the members have just been wonderful in helping us out! Other than
that,  we have just have been going out as much as we can to talk to as
many people as we can! We have really been focusing on the Book of
Mormon as we contact and that has been so effective! I mean what
better way to help someone know it's true then to read the evidence! The
Pageant also makes it really nice because that is coming up, and it
leads perfectly in to the Book of Mormon!

So the district I am in right now has come up with a new name! And it
is the “Flower Power” district! To help build stronger unity between us we
all decided to wear flowers( like a flower tie, or flower dress or
whatever), for our district meeting. Sadly I discovered that I was
without such a tie.  The day before district meeting came and I was
still in need of a flower tie!  We decided to walk into the
Goodwill( eastern DI) to see if they had any options, and they did!
They were flowing in all sorts of ties. And we found some beauties! It
was a really small store in the downtown., There was one lady that was working at the store and she was super nice.  She started asking us questions about what we do.So we 
told her.

Then she started  asking us more questions about what we
believe and so on and  we were happy to teach her the restorationright there! It was awesome! We gave her the Book of Mormon and shesaid she would read it! And told us to give her some time to read butto drop back in to talk to her about it!  And then she gave us adiscount on our sweet floral ties! It was glorious!
Good things are happening here and I am just so grateful to be able towear this black name tag over my heart each day!

Have a wonderful week!
Elder Houghton

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