Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 22, 2015

Hello once again my most fantastic family! 

Happy Father's Day my old man! This is for my old gaffer! I don't know where I would be without you! 

As always we had a really busy and fast week full of the good stuff! 
We started the week with zone conference which is always fantastic! We had a the great opportunity to do a training on the Book of Mormon! Our mission has set the goal to flood 1000 Book of Mormons in 3 months! And then each zone has set their own personal goals and the total is 5000 Book of Mormon! So this past week the Book of Mormon has been at the fore front of my mind as we have gone contacting or working with our investigators, I have been focusing on the converting power of the Book of Mormon! Because the Book of Mormon and the Spirit are our most powerful tools in conversion! So with the flooding of the mission our mission is reading through the Book of Mormon in 43 days! So we are just Embracing the Book Of Mormon and I love it!

We were also trained on using Pageant effectively! We are so spoiled in this mission! We have some of the coolest things in this mission! I sometimes have to remind myself where I am and how significant this place is and the wonderful things that have happened here! Pageant is coming up really soon and it is a perfect lead into the Book of Mormon! So far things have just gone so well and we have been able to give out 7 Book of Mormons! I seriously love the Book of Mormon it holds everything together and helps makes everything make sense! It's Fantastic! 

Also at zone conference we won the gold plates! We had the cleanest car in the zone so we won the gold plates! I will attach a picture! :)

We, after one of our first exchange this week, got to do exchanges back in Palmyra, but the other elders we were exchanging back with were late so we got to go walk in the Sacred grove while we waited! It was awesome!

We also exchanged with the AP's this week and that was a miracle exchange! They are in the young single adult branch, so their area covers all of Rochester and Palmyra! We got to go contact people in my old area in downtown Rochester! It was so fun getting to go back to an old area! We met some really cool young adults. It was a great experience!

Sunday we had a sweet couple, brother and sister Wilson from Oregon, come and visit at church. We started talking to them and they asked where I was from. I said Shelley Idaho! They immediately lit up! They lived there 3 or 2 years ago! They started listing some names that could relate to and they mentioned the Cather's, who are pretty much our neighbors! Brother Wilson is sister Cather’s brother! It was really cool seeing them. It made me feel a lot closer to home. And then the other weird part is there was another family that was visiting and guess where they were from!!! ---Ogden! The two visitors that came were from my two homes! It was pretty cool!
That night we had a musical devotional at the Palmyra stake center! We had musical numbers from people from all over the stake from solo's, guitar solos, amazing piano arrangements, a piano saxophone duet ( that was our ward mission leader he is incredible) an Acapella men's choir ( I was in that one) and they had all the missionaries in the stake sing “I am a Child of God!" It was Powerful!  All in all it was a powerful devotional full of the Spirit! 

So good things are happening here in the Pitts!
I sure love you all! 

Elder Todd Houghton 

Ps. Happy Father's Day father! Your seriously are the most studdliest stud muffins I will ever Know! I am so grateful for your example! But dad really you are the best dad any son could hope for. You are the, The number 1, the hope diamond, the whole slice of pizza, the chosen one, my old gaffer, Mai's  maravilhoso,  The real deal,The one that's got the moves, the host with the most, and much more! I love you dad!

PPs, Also I am glad that Amber is ok; she will definitely will be in my thoughts and prayers! She has to feel good because they have a big move coming up! New Hampshire is a waiting!

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