Saturday, August 1, 2015

July 27th, 2015

Hello again! From the beautiful green, hot and humid country of New York!

It is so good to hear that everything is going well! For all of yall
back at home! I love to hear all the great wonderful things that you
are all doing back west. I read today in 3 Nephi 12:14 Verily, verily,
I say unto you, I give unto you to be the light of this people. A city
that is set on a hill cannot be hid. I read that verse and thought of
you and you truly are all being that light to those around you! And I
love it! ( plus we were reminded every week during FHE!)

I forgot to mention but Elder Labar is from Portland Organ, but his
family moved to Boise about two months before he left on his mission.

We have been seeing so many miracles this week it is so hard to count!
Mostly this week we have been really focusing on the Book of Mormon in
our finding and we are seeing so many great things! Just
this past week we were able to go and place 11 copies of the Book of
Mormon. Each one went to someone that will be blessed to have
that amazing book. I don't know what will come from many of them
but it makes me feel great to know that we are doing all we can to
help these people. And I hope that from this push we will see a great
harvesting of souls!
 But the miracle I want to share with you, happened on Saturday, while we were
 on exchanges with the assistants.
We were walking around the southern part of our area to visit some former contacts
and it was hot and humid, and no one was outside –like at all.
 We took a couple of wrong turns, had a couple
HBH ( home but hiding) then we got to a corner and saw a guy on the
other side of the street on his porch, so we decided to go talk to him.

He was nice but not very interested. They did however, accept a Book of
Mormon. On the way back to our car we met a young African American
girl that looked really sad. So we went over and started talking to
her. When we told her that we were missionaries,  she just got this
huge grin on her face and was like "oh that's awesome! I love church!"
She thought it was the coolest thing and she was like I want to be a
missionary. We told her about the Book of Mormon, and she said she
was really interested in learning more.  She wanted to come to
church and everything. She told us she would be turning 18 next Sunday
and then she would be moving up to Rochester. Now this was really
convenient because I was with Elder Whatcot who is serving in the YSA
branch in the city.  She was especially interested in surrounding herself
with good people. It was just awesome that we were able to run
into her, and to be able to help where we could! We then went back
yesterday night to teach her the restoration, because she wasn't able
to go to church but she still wanted to meet! So that was awesome!

I am so grateful for this gospel! I was especially influenced today
when I read the part in 3 Nephi  when Christ tells them Yea, verily I
say unto you, if ye will COME unto me ye shall have eternal life.
All the lord asks us to do is to come! And he will bless us with eternal life!
Well I love all of y'all tons!
Elder Todd Houghton

Helaman 5:12

The field is white already to harvest!

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