Thursday, August 20, 2015

Aug. 3rd, 2015 Hump Day

Hello again!

This week has been a great week full of all types of service!
We started by helping a member move into their new home on Tuesday. It
was nice, hot and humid.

Wednesday we helped move another family into their new home. It was
nice hot and humid.

Thursday was a very special day because that is the day that I reached
my year mark! Woot woot! It is seriously the wildest feeling. Like it
doesn't feel like a year at all, I still feel like we just came out of
the MTC. But then I think about everything that has happened since
then and it does feel like it. 

We also had the great opportunity to go
and give two priesthood blessings. We got a call on Wednesday night
from a lady that had just recently moved into the ward. She has a
very interesting story. We were able to give a blessing, and share a lesson with her.

right now she is living with her new boyfriend's mother. She was a sweet old lady 
that is not of our faith, and after she said we could come anytime we wanted! It was

Then we went and to another lady that is from Scotland and we gave
her a blessing. I loved her accent! She seriously call us "son" like 30
times! She hadn't been feeling well. It was great being able to
help her out. Then right after we visited her we ran over to help set up the
Pittsford Farmer's Market. We have been volunteering there for most of
the summer now, and everyone there was very appreciative of everything
we had helped out with so far and so this time they went and gave us a
t-shirt, and Also a bowl of ice cream for the service! It just felt
like one big party! And I love being able to creat these good
relationships with those people! It was so cool!
Then after that we went to a park and burned a shirt to represent the
one year of service! It was really cool!
It was a perfect day!

Burning my shirt on the year mark

Friday I got to participate in such a wonderful event! We got to go to
the temple because there was the sweetest couple that I got to work
with a little bit in Bath went to the temple to receive their
endowments and then they were sealed together! It was such a sweet
experience! I loved it! And I got to see some of my favorite people in
this mission! The Jones's!  I love them so much! Really it was just
wonderful to see the gospel bless the lives of this family in its
fullest! And it made me so happy!

And to top this day off-- Our mission has had the challenge to read 
the Book of Mormon in 42 days! And I finished  10:20 pm on the last night of the 
challenge! It was such a great experience to read that book! I love it with 
all of my heart and I know it to be true!

I am so grateful that I have one more year to go
and tell people the amazing messages that this gospel contains!

Saturday we went and cut down and hauled a huge tree! It was massive,
but we went and did. And now it is in pile by the road. Oh also on
Saturday we helped out with taking out a pillar to a home and also
putting in a new one!

So needless to say we had a great week!

I love you all so much!

God bless!

Church is true!

Read the book!

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Todd Houghton

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