Thursday, August 20, 2015

August 10, 2015

Hello hello!

We have had an interesting fun filled / moving filled / meeting filled/
miracle filled week!
And I have loved it!

We have had so many great opportunities to serve this week, we were
able to go and help a family move into the ward from Layton, so it was
fun talking with them.
Also with moving we got to go help some members in our ward move 
their friends. It was a great opportunity for fellow-shipping  to help this family.
The only catch was the family that we helped were from Russia. And knew
very little English. It was actually real cool. It made me feel like I
had gone foreign for a little bit!

One of the sweet miracles we had, happened on our way to our dinner appointment.
We got to the appointment a little early so we decided to just go walk the neighborhood
for a little bit. So we walked the street and elder Labar
looked at this one house and he said "let's try this one". So we did we
knocked on the door, and a young man around our age came around from
the back of the house with kind of a confused look on his face. At
first it was kind of awkward, ( but what can we say missionary work is
awkward) well we told him that we were going around telling people
about the Book of Mormon, and he said" yea, can I actually have one of
those?" We were a littler shocked at his response but we were like "of
course!" And then he said "yeah! I want to read it before I judge it."

I think my mouth might have dropped. We were a little surprised that's
what we want everyone to say. He said he was interested in learning
more but he had to leave like right then to go to a class. His mom
pulled in to the drive way right as he he had to leave so we got to
talk to her for a while. And she said we could come back and accepted
a Book of Mormon. I was litteraly speechless as we walked back to our
dinner appointment. But we had a great story to share with for dinner.
So we plan to meet with them this week. :) supper excited!

We have had many other awesome miracles. We were able to meet with
many people and place the Book of Mormon in their hearts. We met
two Muslim ladies that were extremely nice and they said they would
read the Book of Mormon, so that was really cool.
Today was really fun we just had a zone p-day, here at the Palmyra
stake center. We had a pot luck so Elder Labar and I naturally brought
panini. It was delish!
Well I love you all!
Miracles are happening!
Love you

Elder Todd Houghton

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