Thursday, August 20, 2015

August 17th 2015

HELLO hello HELLO hello, I am writing you today, hello
 HELLO hello, HELLO hello, With lots of things to say! Hello.

Man what a week. Basically my whole out look on missionary work is changing, aka the way we find people to teach. A lot of what we have been doing from my time here in the mission field  has had a lot to do with walking around and talking to people on the streets. Which is good. But really it's just not as effective! So last Thursday we got to have a meeting with our ward mission leader, Brother Stone! He is the coolest ward mission leader. But right now he is in Illinois so we had a Skype meeting with him. We felt so professional.:) And we just talked about all sorts of ways  to  more effectively work with the members and get them in a missionary mind set. So we are going to try and go around to all the members in the ward and practice teaching them. And really try and work with the members.

Then on Friday for our district meeting President Francis came and gave the training. He really talked about working with the members! So Saturday came and we went and just visited as many members as we could! We shared some spiritual thoughts, pulled some weeds. It was great!!  Then Sunday came around and we are already feeling a difference in the ward. I am excited! If there is anything that the missionaries do in Idaho that you think is helpful to you as member missionaries let me know.

We also had a cool experience; we got a random call from a Moma T this week and she asked us to come and help do some service for the community. We were happy to oblige. So we went and apparently there was a man that needed some help clearing out his garage that was just full of junk and put it into a big truck --so we did. And it was great! One of the ladies that was in charge came over and started asking us a bunch of questions, about our name tags being elder and what was our belief  on Sunday.  It  was just really good experience. Then after we were done Moma T got us a huge sheet pizza! It was awesome! 

We are seeing a lot of cool things here and I sure love each and every one of you!
Hurrah for Israel 


Elder Todd Houghton

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