Sunday, July 17, 2016

Good Morning Sunshine!! April 18th

Hello Again!

Once again it's that time of week. I am always amazed by how quickly a
week goes by and yet so many things can happen!

It is finally just beautiful out here! The sun is shining and I think i
might have gotten slightly dark over the past  few days. It will be about time
to bring out some sun screen! I can't tell you how refreshing it is to
walk outside and have it feel warm! We have had some great
opportunities out in the sun, and I love it!

We got to go on two exchanges (where we switch companions for the day)
this week. One thing about exchanges is there is such a thing called
exchange miracles! and that is where on the exchange we just see so
many miracles.  Since I have been out I have been on 67 exchanges! And
of those I have been with 46 different missionaries! It is such a
great opportunities to serve with so many different elders and
learning from every single one of them! I don't know many other places
that would allow someone to get to work with so many people on such a
personal level as a mission does! 

And speaking of Exchanges I got to go back to Rochester Spanish area.
It was my second apartment in the mission and it was
just interesting to be there again and thinking of who I was then 

and who I am now.  We had two wonderful service
opportunities on that day, one was we helped out  a church, called the
Angels of Mercy, set up for a spaghetti dinner, and then we went over
to the Rochester Farmers market and we helped out with a cool program
where after the market the farmers bring the leftover fruits or
vegetables and we would sort them into three categories, A's would go
to food banks, b's would be taken and cooked that day and served to
the homeless and C's taken to feed animals. It was really a great
opportunity to work side by side with many others from the community.

One huge blessing from that exchange was that there
was a member that we used to visit often to help him. He was
really good at coming to church each Week. But sadly he hasn't been to
church in a long time like over a year. So we dropped in on him and it
was such a good visit with him and we committed him to go to church
again! He said that that was what was missing in his life, and he knew he
need to go again. It was a tender mercy to see him again.

It's such a blessing to serve!

I am glad things are going well for you! Keep on seeing the miracles
around you!

Love you all so much!

Elder Todd Houghton

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