Monday, November 10, 2014

November 11th 2014

Hello To My most wonderful Family and Friends!

Ok, so remember how before I came out I was in the musical "Guys and Dolls"? Well I was a missionary in it and it took place in New York! Well my new area is right in Downtown Rochester New York! It has been the craziest thing! I have had the Guys and Dolls music going through my head all the time this week because that's what it kind of feels like! except Now I am experiencing/seeing these things for real and It is soooo much fun!

I got my New Companiero Elder Scott, he is so funny I like never know what I am going to get with him, but he is a way hard worker and I love it! He was called as a Spanish missionary so we, this past week, have been able to go and talk to a couple of the Spanish investigators. It is such a cool experience because  I have a good Idea of what they are talking about without understanding a single word that is said! It is kind of exciting so I got to brush up on mi EspaƱol!

Also the area I came to Is ON FIRE! We have been so busy this week that each night we are both just dead tired.  It's hard to describe just everything so I am just going to section it up.
Our district is way cool we have us, the Spanish elders, and then we have the ASL Elders, and then we have some Spanish sisters in our district and we are all assigned to one ward! its so weird to have 3 sets of missionaries at church.

Ok, One of the people we went to go see was a potential that Elder Scott had talked to a couple of weeks before for just like 3 minutes.  We dropped by and she let us in!! We got to teach the Restoration to her and that was way cool and after that she said she was interested in learning about our church! We also offered to rake her leaves for her later that week, and she said we could! ---So we did! and I think it kind of surprised her! She then surprised us by calling us! ( which never happens) and told us she wanted to come to church! We were almost jumping in the air with excitement! and then she came to church and brought her 26 year old daughter as well! We will go and meet with her! The craziest thing was that was only one of our investigators that came to church! We had 5 investigators come to church!! I was so happy and it was just my first week here!

  • Also this ward is one of the most interesting wards I have ever been in! Its the ward that President Frances and his family go too!
  • Also we have a Deaf Congregation in it, so the ASL Elders and one lady interprets the meeting! they are so much fun to watch!
  • Also we have a few members that only speak Spanish so we have some one interpreting Spanish during the meeting!
  • Also there are several people in this church that are let's just say, not fully there. One sat by us in sacrament meeting and in the course of the meeting he made a paper airplane and wanted to throw it at the interpreter. He told me he would steal my bag, and swore at me! and several other things! This is going to be an interesting transfer!
  • The ward council is like a well oiled machine, and it is so amazing to see these great members at work and there diligence to serve those in the ward! 
This has just been a crazy week! These are only a few of the many things that have happened! I can't tell you how happy I am to be here! This is such a new and different experience and I look forward to the many things I will learn here!

I love You also much! I am so happy about all the missionary work that is going on back home! Members really are the best missionaries! Especially Houghton Members! ;)

Hurrah For Israel!
and Come Follow the Fold!
Muchas Amo
Elder Houghton

PS. Weird thing I saw this week was a guy eating out of the garbage. yup it was gross.
PPS. sorry I left my camera in my last area so pictures will have to wait a little bit.

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