Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 17th, 2014

This week President Fransic raised the bar for us.

Rochester is the place to be, it is wonderful and super fun, I never know what to expect each day.  Because it's always different.  Also it was snowing huge flakes earlier today!  I got ot go jump around in it for a little bit!

As missionaries we have our "Standard of Excellence", which is to contact
10 people a day, have new investigators each week, and 1 baptism each
month. So now he has made it that in our weekly email to him we have
to tell him how many people we contacted each week.  Elder Scott and
I set the goal to reach 70 this week, so we worked hard! Tuesday was
perfect! It was super warm and every one was out it was way nice! Also
that night we went to go see Luis who is a Spanish investigator that
we have seen a couple times now.  Each time we haven't been able to
teach any of the lessons, but he is super nice and is really patient
with our Spanish. Tuesday night we went and talked to him on his porch
(it's always on the porch). Anyways as we talked to him he told us how
he had cancer for 4 years and he got a blessing and the next visit to the doctors
his cancer was gone! And the then he told us that be knows the Book of
Mormon is true! And then he turned to Elder Scotland asked him "Will
you baptize me"! But the crazy part was I didn't know what  was said
until we were leaving the appointment, and Elder Scott said, " well he is
going to tell us what day he wants to be baptized!" I was so happy! I
just wish I could speak/understand it!

Wednesday it got really cold! I am now bringing out the layers!
It is going to take some getting used to the cold humidity here. And
one problem with the cold is that not as many people like to be out
side In the cold. But We Do!

One of the days we got to prove our manliness by pulling up a super
heavy desk up the side of a house! We were all pretty pumped about it!
Another funny thing happened, I saw my first utterly wasted drunk guy!
We saw him on the ground with a brown paper bag in his hand, and we
decided to give him a mormon.org card, but when we got there he
held  a sign "just keep on walking" and then proceeded to yell out random
basket ball players, were I couldn't even understand what he was even
saying but it was pretty funny.

Saturday I went to the ASL elders baptism. And it was the coolest
thing they did all the talks in sign language, and they performed the
ordinance in sign language! It was so cool! And then on Sunday elder
Longherst performed the confirmation in sign language as well! It was
so cool. He starts off by putting his hands on her head and then he
takes them off and signs the blessing and then finishes by putting his
hands back on her head. It was on of the coolest things I have seen!
Sunday night we were at 68 contacts. So we were like we got to get at
least 2 more!--  We went to the Groc-er-y store! And we contacted two
more people changed their lives forever and we achieved our goal! I
was pretty excited about that. And we get to do it all over this week!
Rochester is such an amazing place! I am loving it here! The work is
really going forward here!

I love hearing from all of you all! Your letters really do mean the
world to me! You all are definitely living up to  our Houghton
Title of liberty, "as Houghtons will stand as examples of integrity
service and honer." I am so grateful for your examples. Those words
will be with me for ever! I love you tons!

¡Te amo!
Elder Todd Houghton

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