Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 3, 2014 Being Transferred-- Speaking Spanish?

Well I have officially completed my training as in the first Twelve weeks of my mission!!

I still feel like there is so much to learn! So really I will never stop being trained and I will always strive to become better! And I think the Lord knows that and He is ready to Kick me out of my comfort zone because I am being Transferred!!! 

Every thing/ Every one I now as a missionary is about to change!  I am-- well let's just say-- I am a wee bit nervous! Amherst really has been such a wonderful area to be! I love these members so much! and I love the people we have been working with!

 Especially with my trainer, Elder Walker. He is such a great elder and he has trained me well! I will also really miss my district! We seriously have like the best district EVER! I never quite realized how hard transfers could be! 
But they really are! and I haven't even left yet!

 Take a guess as to where I am going! . . . I am going to Rochester Spanish! And I have no Idea what that means! I just might have to learn Spanish! pero mi Espanol es no bueno! But I know that it is where the Lord wants me and if there is only one person I can help with my broken Spanish then I will do every thing I can to find and help that person to the best of my abilities! I am Both Pumped and Terrified about this! It is so exciting! :)

This past week has been great! Heather Got home! Holy Cow! Now that is the Ultimate transfer If I know anything! That is super exciting I was freaking out a little, but the baton has been handed off and Now I am off to a running start! Heather you gave me a great head start so now I will Work with all Heart, Might mind, and Strength to bring it Home! 

Quick sum up of my Week! We raked leaves! I got Sick one night and was better by the next day! Elder walker had a root canal! so he went and got that fixed! this ward is full of dentist and dental students because UB is right there, so one of the members did it for free! 

Halloween we had to be in my dark so we went and spent it with the Amherst elders! I absolutely love them! and we had a great lesson with Kriza on Sunday right after church in the nursery room! on the little chairs! We got to teach the word of wisdom and it was so great to see her willingness to follow Christ! It was such a good lesson! I really am going to miss the people here! Missions are Incredible! 

Love it! Wearing the black name tag and sharing my name with Jesus Christ! 

Love you all so much! I was a little sad this is my first year I wasn't able to be there for the Epic Annul Halloween dinner! you all looked great! 
love you lots! 
Elder Houghton!  

Epic P-Day

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