Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October 27, 2014

Well I have officially one week left as a greenie and then I will graduate as a normal missionary! Woot Woot! It is quite exciting.

 OK, so to clarify my question I asked Elder Hamula during my interview with him was, "How do you receive personal revelation?"  It was was something that I had been studying and I really wanted help on recognizing the Spirit. He gave me an awesome answer and to basically sum it up--  if you are doing what you're suppose to be doing than the thoughts and feelings you receive are from the Spirit. In order to get better at recognizing it than you have to act on it. He then told me that that is how the church is run, on these small thoughts and feelings. 

This week was awesome I had a great exchange with one of the zone leaders, Elder Larson. We went and saw Dee and got to go rake their leaves for them, Dee's husband  couldn't believe that she had asked for our help, but over the course of us helping he really opened up and was very grateful and was impressed that we two 18- 20 year olds would come to help them. As we raked we basically taught Dee the restoration and he is very open to learn more so I am super excited to see what happens with this family.

Thursday night was interesting,-- all our appointments canceled on us, and it is completely dark at 7 and it is super hard to go contacting at night because every one says its late when really 7:00 pm.  It is not very late, so elder Walker and I were trying to figure out what we were going to do with our time.  We got a call that Brother Taylor was feeling the worst he has felt in a long time. Bro. Taylor is a older gentleman that we visit weekly, and that he wanted a blessing, so we went over there and gave him the blessing. He didn't want to talk very much so we just got to sit with him for a while. It was a very special moment for me and the next day he was feeling a lot better! I truly am grateful for the Priesthood, for the Great Honor it is to carry it and to be able to use it to help others.

Saturday Night was our Wards Halloween Party! and it was the coolest Halloween party I have ever been to! I wish I got more pictures of every one there but we had people from middle earth and from Sherwood forest, we even had people form Wonderland make an appearance as well as Mary Poppins And Bert! Seriously like 90% of every one was dressed up! and I absolutely loved it! Elder Walker and I dressed up as your Every day Hero! I had a superman shirt under my white shirt and tie. (I attached a picture so you can see how awesome we looked) and it was so much fun! There were close to 30 something nonmembers there as well. and we the missionary's got to judge the Chili cook off! 

This work is incredible! I absolutely love it and I know that this is the place I am suppose to be! 
Love you all! Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Houghton

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