Tuesday, November 25, 2014

That's not the language they taught me at the MTC.

Hola Mi Familia y Amigos!

This has been a happening week here in the New York Rochester Mission! As you have probably heard Buffalo got slammed with a ton of snow! Lake effect is the weirdest thing! It was right next to my last area as well so I dodged a bullet there. But to be honest I am a little bummed I missed it because It looks flipping crazy. Here in Rochester the weather is Bipolar. Its snowed a little. It was basically freezing last Tuesday, but today it is 68 degrees! It feels like summer right now! and it is wigging me out!!  It is going to drop to 40 degrees again. I am loving it here! Rochester is not in 8 feet of snow because We Are On Fire Here! :)

Just last Saturday we went to our third baptism into this ward and one from each set of missionaries. During the service all the missionaries that were there sang the Spirit of God, and on the last verse they had everyone join in, and that was a very touching moment the spirit was so strong. Baptisms definitely are a special day as a missionary!

We also had Zone Conference this week and as always it was Incredible! So remember the "Because of Him" video the church made for Easter? Well the Church is making another on for Christmas and it's called "He is the Gift" and the Church is going big on this video.   They bought the head banner of Youtube and they got one of the main billboards in New York City and they gave all the Missionaries "He is the Gift" cards and they want us to go around passing out at least ten a day. So this is going to be huge! I am a little excited about it!

Being the Spanish Missionaries and not speaking Spanish has been kind of interesting, last Monday we went to give a Spanish lady from our ward a blessing because she is beginning chemotherapy, and I didn't understand like anything they were saying, Its weird I can understand like the main topic of what they are talking about and recognizes one or two words and that's about it. The same is true with some of the other Spanish lessons we have had and school at church! I am trying though but the weird thing is I am picking up more ASL than Spanish! But its fun and really we don't have that many Spanish investigators.

Thanksgiving is Coming Up! I am super excited! We are planning on going to a members home for dinner! But really food is good and I am Grateful for it but there is so much more that I am so thankful for that by coming out on a mission I have been able to more fully appreciate what I have been taking for granted my whole life. Growing up and having a wonderful family and friends, the home I grew up in and the education I have been able to receive BUT what I am most Grateful is for the Gospel in my life, it really has been the most amazing blessing I could ever of asked for and Being able to serve each day and to try and share this joy that I have felt with the people of New York Has made me even Happier than before!

I Love You ALL
Stay Warm!
Hurah For Israel!
Te Amo!
Elder Houghton

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